We’re so excited to let you know G2 Crowd has named us a high performer this year again! Last year we were recognized as G2 High Performer for the first time, and we’re happy our users highly appreciate our efforts. This motivates us to suggest even better solutions and do our best to meet our сlients’ requirements, and even more!

A Bit More about G2

G2 Crowd is a B2B software analysis platform having published 843,500+ reviews for a 7-year history of its existence. It’s famous for its unbiased approach to evaluating and ranking products based on customer satisfaction, market, social, and web presence. It helps millions of people and businesses choose the right tools and make faster and better technology decisions. One of the most significant advantages of this platform is a real-time assessment that simplifies the process of decision-making as compared to addressing analytic companies. 

The Reasons People Choose Epicflow

According to the G2 Crowd reviews, users’ favorite Epicflow tools are Future Load Graph and What-If Analysis. They help you to predict negative changes and test your hypotheses without any risks to your projects. 

Here what Dean Redan Marketing Product Manager at Palmer and Harvey thinks of it: 

“I love that Epiclfow calculates future load and shows the possible resource constraint before it becomes a problem. Simulation mode is an interesting solution too, it lets you make any changes to your projects to see the results without disturbing your environment.”

Epicflow’s ability to integrate with Jira and MS Project is a great plus for our clients who can make the most of them by combining both products without any difficulties. 

“People have been looking for so long to get a consolidated overview of their projects in Jira” – Ralph DeBartelo VP of Sales at Selero Optima. 

Why Is Epicflow Worth Your Attention?

Among other Epicflow features is the ability to prioritize tasks based on demand which protects you from project failures; trace your real-time project workflow with an opportunity to check out both previous and future output; make any project changes faster and easier in a Quick Edit mode; manage risks using buffer time; allocate and reallocate resources to increase project performance, and many other things. 

Day by day, our product is becoming even better thanks to our team’s expertise. Now task and resource management has become more efficient and convenient for our users as a result of implementing Task List, Summary and Task Card, and Timesheet features. It comes as no surprise that Epicflow featured in the top 10 resource management tools this year. Read more about Epicflow’s recently released features

Want to know more about the opportunities Epicflow can open up for your company? Click the picture and be ready for an insight into Epicflow multi-project management software!