Epicflow has now been released for MS Project, upgrading this most commonly used PM tool to a new analytical level to manage large numbers of projects simultaneously.

It turns out that MS Project lacks many features and does not maintain order in the workplace, as according to recent statistics, project management is on the brink of chaos. Project delays and cost escalations appear so often that your existing tools need superpowers to create flow.


A Brief History of the Science Behind Epicflow PM Software

A multi-project environment, deadly complex, is a nightmare for business experts because every time scope creep appears, they need to replan from scratch to meet due dates. Noticing many challenges in multi-project environments, Dutch scientists Albert Ponsteen and Jan Willem Tromp dedicated their PhD research to the exploration of issues that project managers have to solve while carrying out many projects. After interviewing 4,000 business experts, they concluded that current project planning tools lack features to facilitate the project manager’s job.



Ponsteen and Tromp devised their own method that integrates with existing apps such as MS Project and Jira. To find out more about this new Dutch PM methodology, read the article How to Survive in a Multi-Project Environment Using MS Project published on Project Accelerator, the UK’s breaking news site for project management experts.

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