How can we be sure that our projects won’t fail? What is the true end date of our projects? Jan Willem Tromp, co-founder of Epicflow, will give you the answers and speak about the challenges of multi-project environments in a webinar on May 8 hosted by and powered by the Project Management Institute. Jan Willem will help you better understand how multi-project environments are organized and what’s key to delivering on-budget, on-time, and on-value while leading parallel projects.

What I’m now observing all over the world is low project maturity that results in huge cost overruns and time delays. I turn on the news to see that the Betuwe railway line between Rotterdam and the German border at Zevenaar-Emmerich is five years late and is already three times over budget. The list of delayed projects extends every day. Concentrating on the statistics for project failure, I’ve concluded that the vision of most project managers is exceptionally wrong. – Jan Willem Tromp

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Update: Webinar record is available here