There’s quite a lot of long-standing advice on how to be a good leader, yet times change and so should you. To be a good leader in our day and age, you need a different set of skills than were needed a decade or even a year ago. We’ve analyzed this spring’s leadership articles in top business publications including MIT Sloan Management Review, Inc., and Forbes and highlighted the most useful insights on how to be an empowering leader in 2019.



Choose the Leadership Style That Suits You Best

Suzanne Lucas writes about why it’s really important to choose the style of management that makes you a truly good leader. There’s no need to copy the behavior of some other leader you admire, as in that case you won’t be yourself. Define your natural leadership style, then adjust it in accordance with the needs of your team, the expectations of your boss, your current style of leadership, and the things you want to change.



Appoint Managers That Aim at Helping Others Achieve Success

In her article for Gallup titled “The Leadership Style That Companies Often Overlook, but Shouldn’t,” Jessica Buono reveals the bitter truth: Your employees are going to leave if they don’t like their manager. Executives often make the mistake of offering management positions to the wrong people. They think that hard skills and experience in the field are enough to make someone a good manager. However, they overlook the skill of empowering other employees to achieve success, which many managers lack. As a consequence, valuable workers leave, hoping to find a manager that will motivate and empower them rather than make them feel bad about themselves.



Learn How to Inspire Your Employees

How to Be an Inspiring Project Manager,” a fascinating read on the Epicblog, tells you how to inspire people to achieve more and enjoy their work. Among its main lessons: don’t be bossy, protect your team, motivate your people, be efficient in your work, and let everyone see that you truly care about their contribution to the project. If you want to make your projects successful, it’s not your authority you should use but the positive influence you can make on your people.



Become a Strategic Leader

Julie Zhuo, in her article “How to Become a Strategic Leader” for MIT Sloan Management Review, reveals the secret of being a leader who knows where to invest time for greater company performance. To get better at your job, decide where you want your company to be in three years, turn it into a goal, and go for it. Learn how to identify the challenges that hinder your company from reaching success and solve them. Finally, get good at saying no to the things that aren’t on your list of priorities, especially when it concerns projects.


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Think People, Not Money

Defining your company as “valued at” is a grave mistake leaders make. In this article for Inc., Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, shares a life lesson of modern leadership. Nadella says that the value of a company is not defined by the money it’s worth on the market but by the people that make it a successful enterprise. Thus, it’s not money or annual income you should celebrate as a leader but the people that make your company’s prosperity possible.



Master Personal Relationships

In his article “Why Great Leaders Focus On Mastering Relationships,” Douglas Ready stresses that you should be a personal relationship god. Being good at communicating with people helps you build trust, empower successful collaboration, inspire teams, and create inclusive work environments. In this digitalized world, being good at your craft isn’t enough to be good at management. To reach success, you should master a number of soft skills, personal relationships being one of them.



Make Sure You’re Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This last one, an article in Forbes that’s definitely worth your attention, is called “14 Essential Leadership Skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution.” To stand out as a great leader, Bernard Marr recommends being agile, having a high level of emotional intelligence, yet being tech-savvy at the same time. You also need to be culturally intelligent and collaborative, able to embrace diversity rather than avoid it. Finally, you need to be a courageous visionary who strategically determines the future of the company.


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What can you say about being an up-to-date leader? Is there a leadership-related article, book, or video that was eye-opening for you this spring? Looking forward to seeing your suggestions in the comments section below.