Our workshops with business experts frequently show that it’s troublesome to deliver projects on time and on budget, especially when there are thousands of tasks demanding regular replanning and re-prioritization. This isn’t surprising, as current business environments dictate that project managers participate in multiple project lifecycles in parallel.


Move Your Multi-Project Planning in the Right Direction

To become a true multi-project superhero, you’ll need to add more skills to your PM arsenal. Ask yourself whether you can do the following:

See the big picture. A holistic view of many projects on a single dashboard will ensure you understand project dependencies. Getting a bird’s-eye view of your projects, resources, and tasks will help you keep project constraints at bay.

Shift from macromanagement to micromanagement anytime. Close observation of your employees’ progress can help you enhance project performance. By properly monitoring, you’ll be able to track bottlenecks and learn by experience where to make improvements.

Prioritize across several projects. Superheroes naturally have a sense of urgency. High-level planning can’t do without proper arrangement of the tasks’ rank.

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Nourish Your Multi-Project Superpower

Even though there’s a spectrum of project management methodologies to choose from, they’re rarely supported by intelligent project planning software. Existing planning tools are cumbersome in multi-project environments because they stem from a single-project philosophy, so what was supposed to relieve your pain instead turns out to be maintenance-intensive and weak.

Luckily, there is software to help your project flow. After analyzing what leads project managers to crack under the strain of their jobs, our scientists have come to the conclusion that it becomes difficult to trust project plans and dates when you have to split resources among many projects. Hierarchical task systems are not good for this because they’re based on a de facto industry standard – Gantt charts. Gantt charts prove quite messy when deployed for multi-project management.

Our resource management tool – Epicflow – was designed for business experts who are ambitious enough to have their teams move many project mountains simultaneously – both on time and on budget. Epicflow’s innovative features will help you


  • map out priorities to know what turns to take;
  • cure multi-project overhead;
  • reduce overload;
  • restore the focus of your team;
  • predict the upcoming avalanche of bottlenecks;
  • improve team performance based on historical progress


The good news is that you won’t have to replace your current project planning system, as Epicflow integrates with business performance software such as MS Project, Jira, Primavera, CA Clarity, and TOPdesk.

If your PM software can’t tell you where you are in your projects and you can’t proactively identify project constraints, sign up below for a free demonstration and we’ll figure out how to make your team’s performance close to excellent.


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