Two Dutch scientists, Jan Willem Tromp and Albert Ponsteen, devised a new Flow method to upset the status quo of modern multi-project environments that call for flexibility, durability, and speed.

They infused their considerable experience into a PM application that sets priorities and reduces overload and planning overhead. Epicflow has been featured on as a new planning paradigm for multi-project environments. If you’re looking for the perfect software combination to manage many numbers of projects at once, here is a good PM guide from Jan Willem Tromp that will help you lead better in 2019.

Jan Willem and Albert, co-owners of Epicflow and Dutch researchers, spent nearly 30 years in the domain of project management. Finally, we’ve released a web-based PM application for analytical prioritization and resource allocation to cheer up business experts who were doomed to project delays, cost escalations, and excessive planning!


The Flow philosophy behind this intelligent PM software ensures that you:

  • Release bottlenecks as soon as they appear.
  • Set adequate effort-based workloads.
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Prioritize effectively.
  • Prevent overload and management overhead.

To find out more about the benefits you’ll get soon after integrating Epicflow with your existing tools, read this article: Dutch Scientists in Pursuit of New Project Planning Paradigm and fill in the contact form below.