For a fresh start in 2019, make some small steps toward big changes. Resolve to get rid of things that bother you in your life as a project manager. Here are some things you should definitely kick starting January 1.


Poor Project Performance

The number one thing to get rid of is poor project performance. Yes, we know: requirements change fast and surprises pop up all the time. But that’s not an excuse for project failures. According to the Pulse of the Profession survey, poor project performance caused $99 million in losses for every $1 billion invested in 2018. Ninety-nine million! Don’t you think it’s high time to start improving your team’s productivity and your project performance? According to researcher Jan Willem Tromp, there are three major issues that lead to project fiasco: overload, poor output, and wrong task priorities. These are the key reasons for your multi-project nightmares. Read about them in our article on overcoming these three major challenges when managing multiple projects.


Low Project Maturity

Why do project leaders recognize problems only after they’ve happened? Why are most organizations still more reactive than proactive? Mature organizations tend to eliminate project risks before they appear and fix causes rather than symptoms. PM researcher Albert Ponsteen offers four questions to test the maturity of your organization:

To a busy employee: Which task should you pick next, and why?
To a project manager: What’s the status of an arbitrary milestone?  
To a resource manager: How is your team performing?
To a C-level manager: What’s blocking your top priority projects?

To reach maturity, your organization needs a tool that can help everyone answer these questions.


Useless PM Tools   

You probably have a bunch of project management tools in your arsenal. But is there an easier way to find out your project progress? What software will give you the information you need to take immediate action? Start 2019 with an helpful PM system that provides you with real-time data so you can get maximum insights into your project progress, including predictive analytics to unveil things that are blocking progress.   


Fear of New Technology

Are you so overloaded managing tasks, allocating resources, and keeping up with deadlines that you just can’t find time to keep up with AI innovations or new Agile concepts? Digitalization can help you work smarter, not harder. Not staying up-to-date with technology can result in feeling out of touch. In order to avoid technophobia, we recommend spending at least 10% of your time reading books about new technologies, taking online digitalization courses, and participating in professional PM networks on LinkedIn. On top of that, you can mix business with pleasure and schedule smart vacations by visiting the top conferences in 2019.


Toxic Environments

Do you know the word of the year for 2018 according to the Oxford dictionary? Toxic. You know what? Let it stay in 2018. Now is the time to fix that toxic environment and stop fighting for resources, dealing with uncertain priorities, and experiencing continuous overload. As a rule, fixing employee workloads and detoxing the work environment falls on the shoulders of project managers. Engage and motivate your team with constructive feedback, confidence, and respect. Opt for a resource planning and scheduling tool that helps you manage projects peacefully and harmoniously.


By kicking these five things out of your life, you’ll be a superhero at managing your projects next year.


Wishing you health and happiness, and that you meet all your milestones in 2019. May all your projects finish on time and on budget. Let’s make 2019 a year of empowerment, success, and happy project leaders. Cheers!