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Digital transformation becomes reality with the AI-powered resource management solution

Clear priorities are critical for a multi-project environment, where several projects run in parallel with a shared pool of resources.

As far as priorities between multiple projects can’t be calculated by the human brain due to the extra-large amount of data, AI-powered software capable of analyzing the input is a must.

Epicflow is the next-generation software that utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to ensure your business’ success.

This is possible thanks to:

  • Automatic prioritization of projects and tasks based on predictive analytics;
  • Real-time bottleneck detection and ongoing workflow control with immediate project change effect;
  • AI-powered resource allocation based on team members’ availability, capacity, demand, and skill levels;
  • Predicting possible threats based on historical and real-time data.

Automate Processes and Gain Full Project Transparency with Epicflow

Analysis of historical data

Real-time data analytics

Predictive analytics


  • Enter all necessary data in the system and make sure the input is correct. Let Epicflow analyze all the information.
  • Epicflow will create the best plan possible with the highest probability of success. You can make changes to the plan and check out their effect on the further flow, and implement them if you like the result. 


  • Epicflow will prioritize all project tasks taking into account all contributing factors and present the projects from the highest to the lowest priorities on the pipeline.
  • Epicflow will automatically allocate resources based on the demand, their capacity, availability, and competences to the tasks depending on their priorities.


  • If any undesirable events happen (e.g. an employee gets sick), Epicflow recalculates the priorities and reallocates resources automatically based on real-time data. So, you don’t have to reschedule anything yourself or look for additional resources. Epicflow will improve the situation right away.
  • If any constraints are likely to occur, you’ll get notified beforehand and have time to take measures to avoid them.

Bring Innovation to Your Business with Unique Resource Management Features


All your projects with milestones and prioritised tasks in one place

Task List and Timesheet

Tasks prioritized with regard to inter-project relations with all task-related data

Material Resources

Manage equipment and raw materials used in your projects

Module Library

Decrease planning time by using typical project elements for similar projects


All project- and budget-related information in micro and macro views

Future Load Graph

A graph that identifies bottlenecks beforehand, so you have enough time to implement necessary changes

What-if Analysis

Check the impact of your decisions in a simulated environment without any harm to real projects 


Administer un-compressible lead time tasks

Integration with Your Tools and Methodologies

Make the best of your current PM tool by integrating it with Epicflow. 

As a result, you’ll keep working in your homelike environment but improve your outcomes with new features.

Epicflow can be integrated with any tool of your choice as well as any project management methodology used by the company or individual team.

Fine-tune resource management processes in your organization by integrating Epicflow with a Human Resource Management System. 

As a result, you’ll have real-time automatic  resource availability updates for easier and flawless resource management.

With Epicflow's DataGuard, Your Data Is Secured

The data you put into the Epicflow system is reliably secured according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All the information entered into Epicflow is encrypted and guarded within our secured networks. Any personal and project-related data is visible only for the company that owns it.

You have full control over all the data in the system – you can grant or hide project details for any project team member depending on their role in the company and level of involvement in the project.

By adopting Epicflow, you get a modern AI-powered SaaS solution including

  • full-featured software,
  • version updates,
  • web and mobile applications (iOS, Android),
  • all existing integrations,
  • flexibility (we can create any feature or integration on demand)

Our Cases:

TKF R&D Department has got excellent outcomes as a result of adopting Epicflow


We increased our output by 200% and reduced lead time by 50% in 2 years.

Hans de Boer

Director of R&D, TKF

KPN Significantly Improved Production with Epicflow


On-time delivery is not a myth. We’re now able to deliver on time and improve our service in a faster and more efficient way.

Edwin Kuiper<br />

Partner manager, KPN

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