Resource Management Solution

 Epicflow helps you prioritize projects and tasks, quotes feasible due dates, shows resource load and performance of your teams. 

Epicflow provides you with unique flexibility to deal with uncertainties and constraints that appear in your day-to-day business. 


Balance resources and finances


Keep track of amount of work done on your projects

Group management

Simple management of a large resource pool

Resource management

Organize, manage, and lead your team

What-if Analysis

Time machine for project managers


Team output overview

UCLT groups

Work with un-compressible lead time tasks


Joint performance analysis and management of resource groups

Adding users

Filling resource pools of your system

Material Resources

Manage custom production resources

Mobile Application

Access the project data and update tasks remotely

Task Card

All task parameters in one place

Task List

Automatically prioritized tasks

Future Load Graph

Identify potential bottlenecks

Historical Load Graph

Project load history

Pipeline Filtering

Structure your project data


Aggregated project metrics

Gantt Chart

Your project schedule

Project Creation

Setting up and starting a project


Projects, milestones, priorities