Task List

Task List helps your team reach objectives faster and meet deadlines. Epicflow orders tasks by their priority which allows your team to focus on the most important things and increase output by eliminating bottlenecks and unblocking resources.

Task List Features

  • Task Priority – indicates how urgent a certain task is by displaying numbers ranging from 0 to 100. Numbers above 100 show the number of days that the task is delayed on
  • Project Name  shows the project to which the task belongs
  • Parent Path – contains summary description if available
  • Task Name  
  • Stage – shows whether the tasks are: upcoming, not ready to start, not estimated, ready to start or completed.
  • In Progress Status  shows whether the tasks are: not in progress, in progress, on hold or completed.
  • Resource Group – displays the name of the group to which the task is assigned
  • Resource Name  displays the name of the resource to which the task is assigned
  • Remaining – shows the number of man hours left to accomplish the task
  • Comment – comments added by engineers in Epicflow system