Embrace a Revolutionary Approach to Resource Management for Concurrent Engineering

Solve Resource Allocation Challenge for Human and Material Resources

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Competency Matching

Bridge demand and supply by finding the right talent based on competencies, experience and availability.

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Implement Globally

With Epicflow, global integration is possible thanks to cross-function and cross-division collaboration. It will result in a more efficient utilization of technologies and resources at your company.

Enhance Resource Management Opportunities with Epicflow

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Pipeline: projects, milestones, priorities

All your projects with milestones and prioritised tasks in one place

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All project- and budget-related information in micro and macro views

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Future Load Graph

A graph that identifies bottlenecks beforehand, so you have enough time to improve resource management

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What-if Analysis

Check the impact of your decisions without any harm to real projects with your personal time machine

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Material Resources

Manage the consumption of materials used in your projects

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Module Library

Easy management of repetitive work packages

Leverage the Added Value of Epicflow with Integration

Today most PM tools (e.g., Primavera, Jira, etc.) have the following shortcomings:

  • Deterministic single-project planning;
  • Too many parameters are necessary for project leveling;
  • Highly specialized planners are required;
  • A lot of time is needed to maintain the plan.

Epicflow is used in combination with MS Project Server, SAP, Jira, and Primavera (interfaced).
Our clients appreciate the added value but prefer working in their accustomed environment with their own project management system.

Upon integrating Epicflow with your project or resource management system, you get the following added value:

  • Real-time multi-project enterprise resource management based on the dynamics of the portfolio and projects;
  • Dynamic planning that helps prevent delays and blockages;
  • Predictive analytics to forecast the due dates (AI component);
  • Easy to use: Epicflow requires very few parameters to carry out an in-depth analysis and provide an entire portfolio overview (the case of Dutch MOD).
  • Advanced Resource Management for semi-automatic resource allocation.
  • Competence management based on 5 levels: from inexperienced to expert.
  • Attribute management with critical parameters (e.g., location, grades). Epicflow suggests the most matchable resource based on the required competences and attributes.

Our cases

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Hans de Boer

Director of R&D, TKF

“Twelve years ago, TKF’s R&D Department found itself on the brink of multi-project chaos. With Epicflow they increased output by 200% and reduced lead time by 50% in 2 years.”


On time delivery
Edwin Kuiper

Partner Manager, KPN

“On-time delivery is not a myth. We’re now able to deliver on time and improve our service in a faster and more efficient way.”


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Nancy Underwood

PMO, VieCUri

“Epicflow helps me getting our projects to meet the strategic goals of our organization.”


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