MRMP For Concurrent Engineering


  • Improved utilisation of human and material resources
  • Reduced time to market
  • Better cost management
  • Higher on-time delivery rate
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Our Features

Discover Multi-Project Management Opportunities with Epicflow

The tool is designed for a multi-project environment with a shared resource pool.


All your projects with milestones and prioritised tasks in one place

Task List

Tasks prioritised with regard to inter-project relations

Material Resources

Manage the consumption of materials used in your projects

Module Library

Easy management of repetitive work packages


All project- and budget-related information in micro and macro views

Future Load Graph

A graph that identifies bottlenecks beforehand, so you have enough time to improve resource management

What-if Analysis

Check the impact of your decisions without any harm to real projects with your personal time machine


Administer un-compressible lead time tasks

Our Clients

Epicflow is a multi-project and resource management solution ideally suited for different industries:

  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Defense
  • Engineering

Our Cases

TKF R&D Department                          Increased Output by 200%

TKF is a Dutch company with 85 years of experience producing building, industrial, and telecommunications solutions for the construction industry. Thanks to Epicflow, the R&D department was able to link all projects in one database and get a view of projects from the perspective of resources. One of Epicflow’s features, the Pipeline, helped by showing updates on each project’s status and signalling in red when an engineer was overloaded. The system generated daily updated priorities for all tasks, and engineers could also know the urgency of each task in the pipeline. As requested, project managers got real-time insights into resource capacity and could control project statuses and carry out clear management reviews.

KPN Significantly Improved Production with Epicflow

KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company with more than 22 million subscribers around Europe. To strengthen their production and improve delivery rates, they decided to use Epicflow software solution. After less than one year of cooperation, KPN saw considerable production improvement. Namely, on-time delivery went from 18% to 80%, efficiency rose by 21%, and lead time halved. Furthermore, employees noticed a change in their working environment: everything turned calmer and more organized with much less stress burdening them. With the tool, employees got the chance to be proactive rather than reactive, to predict bottlenecks before they turn into a production threat.

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