Planning multiple projects manually is complicated and time-consuming. To get an Oscar winning project, you need to stay on top of so many details, and there’s no room for error.

A ‘La La Project’ Mistake in Project Management

It is even more stressful to find your project among successful ones, and at a glance realize that this one has been a delusion because of a single planning mistake. This is what usually happens in front of the whole team – a ‘la la project’ is wrongly interpreted as the best one because you lack time to evaluate it properly. You keep tearing open wrong envelopes because priorities have been mixed up. But who is to blame?


Less Overhead, More Focused

Business executives never know where a bottleneck might appear in a dynamic work environment. What if there were an automated solution that creates perfect flow across multiple projects, alleviates the relentless pressures of work, and compares the success of past and present projects? This is precisely what Epicflow does. Its methods stand out from other project management solutions by complementing the latter with predictive analytics.

Statistics show that 77% of companies armed with project management software achieve high project performance. But most existing PM tools were originally designed for single project environments. We’ve upset this status quo by introducing the Flow philosophy, embodied in the online multi-project management application. 

Thanks to its package of analytical features, Epicflow:


  • Ensures smooth workflows in multi-project environments.
  • Automatically sets priorities.
  • Resolves resource allocation conflicts.
  • Maintains due date performance.
  • Prevents overload and overhead.


If you expend too much energy on project portfolio management, then Epicflow PM software is an excellent choice to restore simplicity and order to your projects. Epicflow makes it easy to balance all of the intricate parts of your projects.

So how does Epicflow work?

The Epicflow SaaS platform integrates with MS Project, Trimergo, Primavera, TOPdesk, Jira, and other existing PM systems with a simple plugin. Whenever a project delay occurs, Epicflow ensures that you know where the bottleneck is and how to release it.

The future load graph, which automatically calculates the impact of adding an additional project to the pipeline, is another feature that sets Epicflow apart. The future load graph estimates future costs and time requirements and identifies the resources needed to perform projected tasks.

Proper alignment of parties, the reduction of overhead, and the list of sorted priorities will never let you make a ‘la la project’ mistake, because Epicflow knows exactly when to slit open the next red envelope.

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