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Improve Your Telecom Projects with Epicflow – Innovative Telecommunications Project Management Software

Enjoy the Convenience of the 
Web‑Based Saas Platform

Epicflow is an innovative web-based solution that provides you with advanced project and resource management services. Access all your project data from any place, where you have a stable internet connection. What’s more, you receive program updates and new features without the need to install anything by yourself.

Telecom Project Management Software That Safeguards Your Project Data

With a unique data protection feature Dataguard, you can keep your data on premises while using Epicflow services through the cloud. At that, Epicflow carries out complex management operations with AI processing only the project data required for this analysis.

Fine-Tune Data Access with Telecom Deployment Project Management Software

In Epicflow, access to different project data types and features is granted according to roles and permissions. A project, resource, or portfolio manager (the one with administration rights) can fine-tune the permissions for every team member or C-level management depending on their role in the project and the company.

Check Project Details and Communicate Effectively with the Epicflow Mobile App

With the Epicflow mobile app available for iOS and Android, you can access project details wherever you are. You can check project status, task details, assign and reassign resources, as well as change the statutes of your tasks from the application with just a few clicks.

Epicflow’s Features for the Telecom Industry

Resource Management

Whether it’s about people, budget, raw materials, or facilities, Epicflow provides excellent opportunities for resource management — from individual resources to resource groups and multigroups. With Epicflow telecom project management software, you easily keep track of resource performance and consumption.

Competence and Attribute Management 

Know your resources’ competences and other attributes (such as location, experience with a certain type of equipment, etc.) without keeping all the data in mind. Assign the right resources to the right tasks and enjoy flawless delivery of your projects.

Use Resource Allocation Advisor to select the most suitable resource for the task based on availability and competences, or enable Epica virtual assistant to embrace AI-driven resource allocation based on the predetermined conditions.

Project Management

Don’t be afraid of ever-changing project requirements and scope creep. Epicflow provides you with the ultimate flexibility to adapt to new conditions and has everything you need to ensure the successful completion of your projects – within their time and budget frames. Get rid of strict schedules and enjoy flexible automatically calculated priorities.


Embrace project transparency and explore all project details with a click. Projects in the Pipeline are sorted according to the priority: the ones that require your attention are always on the top of the Pipeline.

Easily check what’s going on inside the projects with an interactive Gantt Chart.

Enable a Quick Edit Mode there to make changes to your projects with an easy graphical interface.


With a Dashboard, you can check if your projects are within time and budget frames.

Explore the status of all your projects and analyze the progress in the Project Performance tab.

AI-Powered Risk Management Opportunities in Telecom Project Management Software

What-if Analysis

Check the reasonableness of any project management decision before making changes to your projects: e.g., reassign a resource, move a milestone, add or delete tasks, and immediately see the consequences of these changes up to any date in the future.  What-if analysis protects your projects from unreasonable decisions and helps mitigate risks with maximum efficiency.

Epica virtual assistant

Receive real-time notifications depending on your role: whether you’re a project or resource manager or a project team member, Epica always keeps you up to date and warns about any mistakes or threats in your projects.

Future Load Graph

Predict the workload of your resources to make sure they will deliver the required scope of work on time.

Pipeline Leveling

Forecast the due dates of your projects to check if they will be completed on time, or take measures to improve the delivery and not miss the deadlines.

Project Staggering

If your projects are likely to fail the deadline according to Pipeline Leveling results, Epicflow will automatically postpone some of them to support well-timed delivery of all of them.

Task Management and Collaboration

With the task management features of Epicflow, project and resource managers as well as project teams always know the right sequence of tasks that are automatically ordered by priority in real time.

Task List with different tabs (Personal, Group, Meeting View) is a handy tool to keep track of the tasks and dependencies between them, explore task details, and track their execution.

Users can add comments to the tasks to ensure fruitful collaboration and share important details of assignments.

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Enrich Your Enterprise Tools with Powerful Features Thanks to Epicflow Integrations

Get rid of multiple tools for project management, performance tracking, and collaboration. With Epicflow integrations, you can unite all instruments into a powerful platform, becoming your all-in-one enterprise solution for managing projects, resources, communication, and achieving your business goals.

Epicflow has ready-made integrations with MS Project, Jira, and Oracle Primavera. If you’re using any other software, you can order a custom integration, and our engineers with create it as soon as possible and ensure high-quality support during deployment and further use.

Check Our Expertise Across Industries

case 01

mobile telecommunications

A Dutch telecom company KPN has improved deliverability and efficiency by 62% and 21% respectively with Epicflow.

case 02

medical service

Epicflow has helped VieCuri Medical Center meet their strategic goals.

case 03

Metal Company

A metal company Arnold AG has got a true increase of throughput without extra labour cost thanks to Epicflow.

case 04


Epicflow has made it possible for a telecom company TKF increase project delivery by 200% and decrease lead time by 50% with the same number of resources.

case 04

Defense Industry

Epicflow has helped a UK defense company’s department
to increase its revenue by 10% without any investments, 
just by reorganizing resources’ work.

case 04

Software development

Epicflow has helped to connect the IT department of a large US pharmaceutical company with its management and ensure a structured and well-organized workflow.

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