Use demo to familiarize yourself with the main features of Epicflow

Pipeline: projects, milestones, priorities

Managing project milestones and examining project priorities.

Pipeline Filtering

Filtering your project data, managing and sharing your sets of filters.

Gantt Chart

Monitoring progress across your projects with a Gantt Chart.

Project Сreation

Adding new projects, working with Quick Edit Mode, creating tasks, and exploring Module Library opportunities.


Analyzing your projects on the micro and macro levels in project and budget views.

Historical Load Graph

Analyzing project data from the past to reach maximum productivity.

Future Load Graph

Detecting bottlenecks beforehand and taking measures to eliminate them.

Task List

Considering project priorities, assignments, task statuses, resource groups, and more.

Task Card

Exploring and fine-tuning task-related data and parameters.

Mobile Application

Working with tasks and your profile in the Epicflow app for iOS and Android devices.

Material Resources

Managing production materials and tracking its consumption.

Resource Management

Examining and managing resource capacity, availability, belonging to groups, and other resource-related data for maximum efficient resource utilization.

Group Management

Assigning resources to groups based on their competencies for easier management.

Adding users

Adding new resources to the system.


Combining several groups into one for joint performance analysis.

UCLT groups

Working with fixed-duration tasks.


Examining performance of your resources.

Managing permissions

Exploring and granting roles and permissions in the system.

What-if analysis

Exploring simulation opportunities and test how project changes affect the environment.

Generic User

Your temporary solution to assign tasks to upon resource unavailability.

Competence Management

Administering resources’ and tasks’ skills in the system for maximum efficient resource allocation.