See Epicflow’s impact across industries

  • Epicflow helps to achieve business objectives faster thanks to project synchronization, clear focus, and flow.
  • Helps to deliver projects on time by showing resource constraints before they cause a project delay.
  • Helps to deliver more projects by working at full capacity, typically increases team output by 20%.
  • Connects cross-functional teams and helps them stay aligned.
  • Makes a significant improvement in the number of projects our clients can deliver.

Case Studies

case 01

mobile telecommunications

KPN is a Dutch telecom company.
Learn how they improved deliverability and efficiency by 62% and 21% respectively with Epicflow.

case 02

medical service

Learn how Epicflow helps VieCuri Medical Center to meet the strategic goals of the organization.


Metal Company

Learn how Epicflow helped Arnold AG to get a true increase of throughput without extra labour cost.

case 01

telecommunications services for the construction industry

Learn how Epicflow helped TKF company to increase the project delivery by 200% and decreased the lead time by 50% while having the same amount of resources.