Automotive Project Management Software for Flawless Multi-Project Delivery and Dynamic Business Growth

Epicflow is an innovative AI-driven solution for managing multiple projects and resources at automotive companies. It helps enterprises deliver more projects in the face of tight time and budget constraints with their available resources. Epicflow has been designed to make complex multi-project environments with high levels of uncertainty and risks easier to manage.

Resolve Resource Allocation Challenges for Human and Material Resources with Enterprise Resource Planning for Automotive Industry

With Epicflow’s unique framework and features, intelligent resource management becomes the key to the successful delivery of multiple projects under high levels of pressure. 

Cut lead times

By ensuring full project transparency, uniting resources into a powerful team regardless of their physical location, and improving resource management across the whole project portfolio, Epicflow lets companies deliver their planned scope of work faster.
This becomes possible thanks to a balanced resource workload, perfect completion of tasks without the need for rework, risk and bottleneck management, as well as the prediction and prevention of possible resource-related threats.

Deliver more with less cost

With Epicflow, companies deliver the desired scope of work without extra expenses, by reasonably utilizing their available resources and shortening the lead time. 
This is possible thanks to the reasonable approach to flexible planning and management of both human and material resources, wise resource allocation, performance tracking, and prediction of resource-related risks.

Complete more projects with fewer resources

Epicflow proves that to deliver more projects, you don’t have to hire more resources. Correct and clear task priorities between multiple projects, wise resource allocation, reasonable buffer management, real-time tracking of the resource workload, and a little AI magic make it possible to deliver multiple projects without extra hiring.

Automotive Enterprise Resource Planning Software Features for the Automotive Industry

AI-Driven What-if Analysis

With this feature of Epicflow, project and resource managers can predict the outcomes of automotive projects even before their initiation. What-if analysis is based on artificial intelligence and allows testing any project changes before implementing them into the real project environment. Managers can check as many project changes as they need to find the best one for the success of their projects.

Future Load Graph

With this AI feature, you can ensure that your available resources can do the required scope of work without being overloaded. The graph presents the workload of your employees up to any date in the future so that you can predict bottlenecks in the workflow and be sure that they will seamlessly deliver all active projects.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Automotive Industry: Competence Management and Resource Allocation

Keep track of your employees’ skills and other characteristics to ensure seamless resource management and allocation.

Use Resource Allocation Advisor to find the most suitable resource for any project task based on availability, competencies, and attributes. Just choose the best employee for the chosen task from the list of the resources sorted hierarchically according to the mentioned characteristics.

Virtual Assistance for Perfect Project Flow and Assignment

Enjoy the power of artificial intelligence by using Epica virtual assistant to get valuable insights, prompts, and notifications about mistakes or risks in the project environment.

Epica can also improve your resource allocation: the virtual assistant can find the most appropriate resource for any task based on the predetermined requirements: e.g., experience with a certain client, experience with a certain type of equipment, etc.

Explore Other Features of Automotive Project Management Software for Successful Delivery 

of Multiple Projects

Pipeline: Enjoy Flexibility with Real-Time Project Priority Calculations

Have full control over your projects with automatically calculated project and task priorities. If any changes happen to your projects, the priorities are recalculated immediately.

The most constraining projects are always on top, and all projects and their parts (divided by milestones) are colored differently: from blue to red, to let you know about their state. As simple as that! 

Multiple Module Libraries: Save Time and Space in the System

This feature is a must-have for project-based companies that run projects similar in structure. With Module Library, you can save time when adding new projects and building their structure by copying project elements into the new project.

Create and store multiple module libraries for projects of different types and structures, which belong to different industry fields.

Check Epicflow Automotive Project Management Software in Action

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Streamline Project Workflows with Epicflow Integrations

Epicflow has ready-made integrations with Jira, Oracle Primavera, and MS Project. Our engineers can develop a custom integration of Epicflow with any project or resource management system upon your request to ensure seamless data transfer and handy work in your home-like environment but with the advanced functionality of our project management software for the automotive industry. Our technical experts will guide you through and support all stages of integration and implementation of Epicflow into your enterprise.

Learn How Companies Across Industries Deliver the Desired Output with Epicflow

case 01

mobile telecommunications

A Dutch telecom company KPN has improved deliverability and efficiency by 62% and 21% respectively with Epicflow.

case 02

medical service

Epicflow has helped VieCuri Medical Center meet their strategic goals.

case 03

Metal Company

A metal company Arnold AG has got a true increase of throughput without extra labour cost thanks to Epicflow.

case 04


Epicflow has made it possible for a telecom company TKF increase project delivery by 200% and decrease lead time by 50% with the same number of resources.

case 04

Defense Industry

Epicflow has helped a UK defense company’s department
to increase its revenue by 10% without any investments, 
just by reorganizing resources’ work.

case 04

Software development

Epicflow has helped to connect the IT department of a large US pharmaceutical company with its management and ensure a structured and well-organized workflow.


Achieve Your Business Goals with Epicflow Project Management Software for the Automotive Industry

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