AI-Based Multi-Project Management Software

  • Deliver more projects on time with your available resources without extra costs, and increase the profitability of your company.
  • Use real-time data and predictive analytics to make informed project decisions and allocate your resources accordingly.
  • Bridge demand and supply by finding the right talent based on competencies, experience, and availability.
  • Examine your teams’ historical performance and workload and use this data for lessons learned to improve project flow in the future.

Leverage the power of AI for successful project portfolio management

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Epicflow is next-generation PPM software that utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to help you implement your business strategy.

Adopt Epicflow to get:

  • Automatic planning and scheduling, including data-driven prioritization of projects and tasks powered by predictive analytics.
  • Ongoing workflow control and real-time bottleneck detection with AI-driven simulations for their efficient elimination.
  • Semi-automated resource allocation based on team members’ competencies, attributes, capacity, availability, and demand.
  • Maximum productivity of your employees thanks to workload balancing capabilities.
  • Prediction of possible threats for your multi-project environment based on historical and real-time data.

Our Clients’ Favourite Features

Fight uncertainty and make informed project management decisions with AI-driven What-If Analysis

  • Plan ahead and test project changes to predict bottlenecks and allocate your resources accordingly.
  • Immediately react to any project alterations and make flawless project management decisions based on the in-depth analysis of all project data performed by AI algorithms.
  • Test different scenarios, check their impact on the project flow, and choose the best option to ensure the success of your projects.
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Predict resource demand and output, analyze resource load & detect bottlenecks with AI-Driven Future Load Graph

  • Be in the know of your resources’ workload in the future based on historical data, active projects, and upon adding extra ones to the Pipeline.
  • Analyze the graph and get answers to understand if project teams cope with the upcoming scope of work and the output they are most likely to produce.
  • Predict overload, resolve and prevent bottlenecks to make sure you’ll deliver all projects on time.
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Gain essential insights about your resources’ workload and performance in the past to increase their efficiency in the future with the Historical Load Graph

  • Analyze and compare your estimations and project teams’ capacity, workload, and output changes over time to understand the reasons for low performance.
  • Use this data to balance their workload and avoid resource conflicts and bottlenecks in the future.
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Focus on the most important parts of projects and explore all assignment-related data in different tabs of the Task List

  • Have a clear project delivery roadmap by following the automatically calculated task priorities that are computed in real-time throughout the whole multi-project environment by machine learning algorithms.
  • Navigate through different Task List tabs to delve into details from various perspectives and levels.
  • No more multitasking, only flawless project delivery.

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Bridge demand and supply and make sure the right resource works on the right task with Competence & Attribute Management

  • Assign the right talent to the right task based on essential data: competences, experience, attributes, and availability.
  • Leverage Resource Allocation Advisor for semi-automatic resource allocation suggestions to find the best match for flawless task completion and seamless project delivery.
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Overview the entire multi-project environment and manage your project portfolio with real-time change-sensitive Pipeline

  • Access all your projects and related data in a single place. The priorities are recalculated in real time as soon as any changes occur.
  • Order your projects either by the priority or business value depending on your current needs.
  • Enable Pipeline leveling to predict the due dates and check if you can deliver the desired scope of work on time.  
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Your data is secured

With our unique DataGuard tool, we provide cloud-based service
while letting you keep your company data on premises.

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The data you put into the Epicflow system is reliably secured according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Secured network

All the information entered into Epicflow is encrypted and guarded within our secured networks. Any personal and project-related data is visible only to the company that owns it.

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Flexible permissions

Full control over all the data in the system – you can grant or hide project details for any project team member depending on their role and level of involvement in the company.

Epicflow integrations

Upgrade your tool with new functionality and keep working with the familiar interface

Leverage ready-made integrations with Jira, MS Project, and Oracle Primavera, or order a custom integration with any other project management tool or an HRM system to enable easier, faster, and cheaper delivery of multiple simultaneous projects with a shared resource pool.

Why our clients choose Epicflow for their multi-project management

Trusted by the leading companies in defense, manufacturing, automotive, construction, healthcare, and IT industries, Epicflow helps our clients become high performers and flawlessly deliver even more projects on time and within budget.