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Epicflow Connectivity

Get simplicity and maximum productivity by using your existing tools in tandem with Epicflow.
Our web-based tool integrates with Jira, MS Project, CA Clarity, Primavera, and other project management systems
to enable faster and cheaper delivery of multiple projects simultaneously.



Epicflow is web-based project management software that gives you full control and visibility over your capacity and resources.
Learn how to apply the best project management techniques to reach new milestones.

Do I have enough resources to finish my projects on time?

Pipeline will show your bottlenecks in red, so you can immediately release them. These milestones need more resources

How much pressure should I apply to get the most out of my team?

Develop an effective resource planning process with Epicflow’s historical load graph.

Do I need to hire new resources or train existing ones in new skills?

Epicflow’s future load graph allows you to better allocate resources and improve project performance.

What is the task sequence with the highest pressure? What should I do today?

The prioritized task list guides your team to work faster and smarter across multiple projects.

Epicflow has given us a significant improvement in the amount of projects we can deliver nowadays.
Jan TournoisDirector, Pilz
The Epicflow resource status is giving you visibility whether you will run into bottlenecks. By this it gives you enough time to act accordingly.
Frank ZalmProgram Manager, Thales
We increased our output by 200% and reduced lead time by 50% in 2 years. We are also able to give our customers realistic commitments.
Hans de BoerR&D Director, TKF

Early Starters

These enterprises harnessed the power of the Flow method back when it was an offline solution.
Epicflow is now a SaaS platform that upgrades MS Project and Jira!



Mobile Application

Regardless of current location, users can communicate their status with a simple swipe and keep the system up-to-date.
Get unlimited access to real-time updates.

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Epicflow Team

We are addicted to impressing our clients with our scientific­-based Flow method.
This inspired us to transform our knowledge and experience into an affordable online project
management tool that every small to mid-­sized business could use.


Jan Willem Tromp


Drives our partners’ success by advising managers to adopt innovative approaches to resource planning.


Yuri Warczynski

Advisory Board

Multi­-project management evangelist who is passionate about empowering companies with innovative methodologies.


Albert Ponsteen


Responsible for bringing all the best science to the project management system.


Hans Uithol

Advisory Board

Hans is dedicated to reaching businesses with the best methods for overcoming global project management challenges.


Andrew Mospan

Head of Sales

Promotes new evolutionary mindset in project management. Drives the revenue through building and maintaining client relationships.


Annemieke van Herpt


Provides everything companies need to set up our resource management software fast and smooth.


Svetlana Trofimenko

Head of Marketing

Committed to excellence in marketing and public relations, Svetlana shows the world how great the Epicflow project planning tool is.


Tatyana Melnychenko

Business Development

Charging your business with clear priorities and smooth workflows.


Alexey Mikhalevich

Solution Architect

With 20 years of experience, Alexey is the creator of the software and stays involved every step of the way, making sure the product is stable and reliable.


Viktor Kushnir

Back-End Developer

Responsible for the project development magic and contributing to architecture design.


Alexander Vityukov

QA Lead

Alex’s team doesn’t give the bugs a chance!


Alexander Farion

QA Automation Engineer

Aleksander maintains the sky-high quality standards of the Epicflow PM software.


Dmitriy Naimark

Front-End Developer

Dmitriy is passionate about staying ahead of the curve on frontend technology and improving the UI across all Epicflow web properties.


Julia Utrobina

Front-End Developer

With an appreciation for design and usability, Julia strives to deliver the best UX to our customers.


Dmitriy Repin

UI/UX Designer

Dmitry creates beautiful product designs to delight Epicflow users.


Dima Kirillov

UI/UX Designer

Dima creates clean design and smart UI for Epicflow that satisfies all of the above and more.


Stas Semukhyn

Android Developer

Stas is an expert in Android visuals and programming standards, making the Epicflow project management tool fit nicely in your pocket.



Igor Polishchuk

iOS Developer

Igor ensures the quality of the iOS app so you can make the most of Epicflow on your smartphone.


Yuri Chernoivanenko

iOS Developer

With a keen eye for detail, Yuri delivers the incredible Epicflow project management solution specifically for iOS.


Iryna Viter


Iryna is a copywriting perfectionist striving to deliver magnetic content on project management topics.


Anton Dzhanaev

Lead Front-End Developer

Anton is eager to contribute the best user experience to our resource management software with his solid programming skills.


Igor Romanenko

Chief Administrator

Office administrator extraordinaire, keeps the office organized and in order.

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