Leverage the Added Value of Epicflow with Integration

Today most PM tools (e.g., Primavera, Jira, etc.) have the following shortcomings:

  • Deterministic single-project planning;
  • Too many parameters are necessary for project leveling;
  • Highly specialized planners are required;
  • A lot of time is needed to maintain the plan.

Epicflow is used in combination with MS Project Server, SAP, Jira, and Primavera (interfaced).
Our clients appreciate the added value but prefer working in their accustomed environment with their own project management system.

Upon integrating Epicflow with your project or resource management system, you get the following added value:

  • Real-time multi-project enterprise resource management based on the dynamics of the portfolio and projects;
  • Dynamic planning that helps prevent delays and blockages;
  • Predictive analytics to forecast the due dates (AI component);
  • Easy to use: Epicflow requires very few parameters to carry out an in-depth analysis and provide an entire portfolio overview (the case of Dutch MOD).
  • Advanced Resource Management for semi-automatic resource allocation.
  • Competence management based on 5 levels: from inexperienced to expert.
  • Attribute management with critical parameters (e.g., location, grades). Epicflow suggests the most matchable resource based on the required competences and attributes.

Integrate with Ease

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Microsoft Project

Improve collaboration, adjust to fluctuating capacity and help your teams to perform at maximum efficiency.


Jira Software

Learn about the integration of Epiflow with Jira and moving your projects to a new environment.

Custom Integrations

We can develop a custom integration with a software of your choice and move your projects to a modern environment where you can use all of our features

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Oracle Primavera

Learn about the integration of Epicflow with Primavera and moving your projects to a new environment.

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HRM Systems

Integrating Epicflow with your HRM systems provides multiple benefits for resource management.