Unlocking a Defense Company’s Potential to Complete More Projects

Epicflow has helped a UK defense company’s department
to increase its revenue by 10% without any investments, 
just by reorganizing resources’ work.


The enterprise management was looking for a game-changing solution that would help them address the challenges they were facing: 

Challenge 1: Missed due dates and severe overloadChallenge 2: Growing business and delivering more projectsChallenge 3: Uniting UK-distributed resources into one close-knit teamChallenge 4: Lack of real-time data for informed decisions Challenge 5: Time-consuming report compiling and project creation Challenge 6: Data security  


  • Resolving Challenge 1
    • The analysis of project data in Epicflow showed that the main problem was improper management of human resources. They had highly qualified employees who theoretically could show great performance, but they still weren’t as efficient as they were expected to be and didn’t deliver the desired output.
  • Resolving Challenge 2
    • Epicflow also showed how much more work they could take without being overloaded: as an example, one department in the company could generate 10% more revenue by taking a few extra projects that they could deliver using the same resources without hiring more people. Extra projects they wanted to start didn’t require any additional costs, so everything that they would gain would be a profit to the company.
  • Resolving Challenge 3
    • Epicflow united the company’s resource pool distributed across the UK under one virtual roof and became a single source of truth for everyone. By using Epicflow, they got an efficient collaboration tool and reached full data transparency about their projects and resources.
  • Resolving Challenge 4
    • The challenge of making informed decisions was easily addressed by Epicflow’s ability to provide real-time data, timely react to project environment changes, predictive analytics, and the opportunity to test all project decisions and check their effect in a simulated environment. 
  • Resolving Challenge 5
    • As our client deals with projects that are similar in their structure, Epicflow helped to save a lot of time for them with a Module Library feature which accumulates company knowledge that can be further used to simplify the process of creating new projects and making estimates in the system and in such a way save management time for more important activities.
  • Resolving Challenge 6
    • As a result of penetration testing, Epicflow has got a security certificate and become JOSCAR-registered (MOD UK-related suppliers), which is an indicator of our highest-level security measures. Besides, we’ve designed a couple of features upon their request, which will provide even better protection for their project data.


The company is currently at the beginning of its transformation journey.

  • One of the most crucial steps in this journey is creating high-quality project plans that will be further used to identify bottlenecks and optimize their workflows across all their project environments.
  • The department’s weakest point has been detected right away after a thorough data examination in the Epicflow system, which is an unbalanced resource workload.
  • Epicflow has revealed an opportunity for one department in the company to do 10% more work with its current resources without overloading them.
  • We’ve developed a lot of extra functionality upon their request for even better data security. 

Therefore, the company has huge potential: Epicflow has created an opportunity for taking 10% more projects in one department without extra cost for staffing, which means that the extra revenue will be almost the same as the increase in profit. 

How Does Epicflow Ensure This?

  • Epicflow analyzes employees’ workload and detects both overload and idleness in a few seconds. This lets you either resolve a bottleneck or give your underloaded resources some extra work. In both cases, you’ll be able to deliver more without overloading your people or hiring extra resources. Epicflow reorganizes workload to make your people as efficient as possible without overwhelming them.
  • Epicflow is the only product in the market that not only shows you where a bottleneck is and assists in resolving it, but also helps to prevent other bottlenecks by showing extra work that other resources can do. Epicflow monitors your employees’ workload all the time and prevents them from being overloaded.
  • Epicflow shows resources from other resource groups who have enough capacity and necessary competence to do some part of the work, while also providing the data on how long these resources can be used for another project to resolve a bottleneck and not cause a new one.
  • Epicflow provides historical and real-time data as well as predictions to help managers make informed decisions and deliver projects always on time and within budget while keeping all project data safe.
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