What-If Analysis

What-if analysis is your personal time machine. You can use it to see what’s going to happen to your projects at any point in time based on what changes you decide to make or not make.

You can use it to see if you can take another project into work without overloading resources or how your environment will change if you add or remove certain types of resources. It’s perfect for predicting bottlenecks that may appear in the future and take measures to avoid delays that may be caused by these bottlenecks.

What-if analysis predicting project flow in the future

How it works

What-if analysis is a mode you can enable anytime. It creates a temporary copy of your environment with all your resources, projects, tasks, dependencies, and everything else.

Once you enter the what-if analysis mode you can make any changes (move milestones, add or remove projects, add, remove, or reassign resources, create additional tasks) and select any date in the future to see what effect your changes will have on your environment.