Project Risk Management Software for Stressless Delivery and Business Growth

Bring your risk management strategy to the next level — identify, assess, track, respond, and prevent threats with minimum time and effort.

Epicflow Project Risk Management Software Protects Your Business and Ensures Tranquility 

Control the ever-changing multi-project environment and be armed with the right knowledge to face every threat with ease and dignity.

Next-level project data security

  • JOSCAR-registered
  • Pen-tested according to the British MOD standards
  • Permissions-adjustable functionality and project data
  • Double-protected project information with an innovative DataGuard security solution

Resource-Related Risks Identified Within Seconds

Save your time for more important managerial activities instead of manual risk assessment, detection, and mitigation: Epicflow identifies existing risks, predicts the new ones automatically with your minimum involvement, and provides prompts for their effective mitigation.

Predicted Due Dates and Controlled Budget

Stop worrying about project uncertainty and forget about inaccurate estimations: Epicflow automatically calculates your projects’ due dates and suggests ways to improve the workflow if a delay is going to happen.

Embrace real-time control over your projects’ budgets and make sure they’re within their frames. If a budget overrun is going to happen, you’ll be notified right away.

Multi-Project Environment Immune to Changes

Managing risks has never been that easy and intuitive: enjoy a real-time comprehensive view of all your projects and an easy-to-understand visual representation of threats. The system immediately reacts to any project changes, so you’re always armed with the relevant data.

Project Risk Management Software Features Guarding Your Mental Health and Ensuring Successful Delivery  

Real-time change-sensitive automatic project and task prioritization

Epicflow calculates multi-project priorities between tasks based on resource dependencies as well as time and budget constraints. If any changes in the environment happen, it adjusts them immediately in real time.

Workload and output forecasting

With Epicflow, your resources’ workload is always balanced and their productivity is maximized: you can check at any time which resources are underloaded or overloaded, and improve team efficiency in a flash.

Critical projects visible at a glance

With Epicflow, you always know what to focus on with minimum time and effort for the examination. Critical projects are always on top of the pipeline, and colors indicate the feasibility of project milestones, calculated based on real-time project data. 

Understand the sources of your resource-related risks

Check the graphs and get answers to your questions regarding the reasons for resource-related threats. Analyze bottlenecks automatically within seconds with just a couple of clicks, find your teams’ vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to fight the risks.

Project scenario testing

Check the effect of any project changes with an AI-powered project risk management tool What-if scenario analysis: make sure the actions you’re going to take will bring the desired outcomes to your project environment

Ready to Protect Your Business from Threats and Gain What You’re Striving For in Your Business?

AI-powered prompts and notifications

Get instant messages from an AI virtual assistant if there’s even a slight possibility of threats and get recommendations on the most efficient ways to address the arising challenges.

Calculating optimal start dates of projects

If your resources’ capacity is limited and the analysis shows that some of the projects will miss the deadline, Epicflow will analyze the whole multi-project environment and suggest a new timetable of start dates to help you timely deliver all of them.

Project due dates forecasting

Know the due dates of your projects even before they start: Epicflow automatically computes the delivery dates and warns if some of them are going to be delayed.

Access to historical data and easy lessons learned analysis

Have a full picture of your project environment from different time perspectives and embrace powerful instruments to improve resource efficiency and enhance project workflow in the future. Compare your resources’ workload, capacity, and output changes over time, find the reasons for its reduction, and find ways to improve it in the future.

All project details and statuses 

at your fingertips

Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all your projects, including their statuses, number of hours in execution, number of delayed projects, and the ones delivered ahead of schedule, so you always have crucial information in one place and don’t have to look for additional project details.

Unite All Your Instruments into a Single Powerful Project Risk Management Software

    Get rid of multiple apps and tools and unite all your arsenal into one robust solution without manually copying data from system to system. Enjoy automatic transfer with no risks to your project data.

    Let your teams focus on their project work instead of puzzling out the new software interface. Epicflow doesn’t replace your tools, it enriches them with innovative features for intelligent project and resource management, project portfolio management, and flawless risk management to achieve the desired business goals faster and with less stress. Your teams will keep working in their home-like environment, enjoying the advanced functionality of Epicflow.

    Epicflow risk management software has ready-made integrations with MS Project and EPM, Jira, Primavera, SAP, and can be integrated with any other tool upon your request.

    Our Success Stories

    Epicflow’s risk management tools have helped dozens of companies in different industries improve their risk management strategies and successfully overcome challenges in managing multiple projects with a shared pool of resources.

    case 01

    mobile telecommunications

    A Dutch telecom company KPN has improved deliverability and efficiency by 62% and 21% respectively with Epicflow.

    case 02

    medical service

    Epicflow has helped VieCuri Medical Center meet their strategic goals.

    case 03

    Metal Company

    A metal company Arnold AG has got a true increase of throughput without extra labour cost thanks to Epicflow.

    case 04


    Epicflow has made it possible for a telecom company TKF increase project delivery by 200% and decrease lead time by 50% with the same number of resources.

    case 04

    Defense Industry

    Epicflow has helped a UK defense company’s department
to increase its revenue by 10% without any investments, 
just by reorganizing resources’ work.

    case 04

    Software development

    Epicflow has helped to connect the IT department of a large US pharmaceutical company with its management and ensure a structured and well-organized workflow.

    What Our Customers Say

    Edwin Kuiper Partner Manager, KPN “On-time delivery is not a myth. We’re now able to deliver on time and improve our service in a faster and more efficient way.”
    Hans de Boer R&D Director, TKF “We increased our output by 200% and reduced lead time by 50% in 2 years. We are also able to give our customers realistic commitments.”

    Something More Powerful Than Just Software for Project Risk Management

    Embrace the power of Epicflow multi-project resource management solution with its diverse capabilities:

    • Effective project uncertainty management
    • Innovative resource management and allocation
    • Intelligent portfolio management
    • AI-powered manager & team support

    Stop Being Afraid of Risks and Learn How to Turn Them into Benefits with Epicflow

    Schedule a personalized demo to learn more about Epicflow and our key to the successful management of multi-project environments full of uncertainty and risks.

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