AI-Driven Enterprise Solution for
Multi-Project Resource and Portfolio Management

Epicflow multi-project management software lets you deliver more projects with your available resources thanks to automatic cross-project task prioritization, resource workload balancing, and AI-based predictions. With its unique ability to deal with uncertainty and manage risks, it provides you with ultimate flexibility and confidence in the success of your multiple projects.

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Enterprise and
portfolio management


Increase the efficiency of your current management tool upon integration with Epicflow.

Multi-project planning and control

Have a bird-eye view of the entire multi-project environment, including ongoing and inactive projects, with priority coefficients and milestones.

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Control your project schedule on the fly, check dependencies and milestones, and keep control of the projects’ progress.

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Predict resource demand and output, analyze resource workload and bottlenecks with the help of predictive analytics.

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Check your multiple projects’ health in real time to make sure they’re within time and budget constraints.

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Grantt Chart: Stay focused on what’s important with automatic task prioritization. Stay focused on what’s important with automatic task prioritization.

Resource management

group mgmt

Group management

Unite your resources into groups based on common characteristics for easier and more convenient examination of project flow, resource workload, and performance.

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Competence management

Make the right resource do the right task at the right time with a semi-automated resource allocation tool.

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Group 368

Future Load Graph

Predict resource demand and output, analyze your teams’ workload, and prevent and eliminate bottlenecks with ease.

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Progress and
performance tracking

Task management

task list

Task list

Check your teams’, individual, and custom group tasks ordered by priority with all task-, project, and resource-related information.

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task card

Task card

Have access to all task-related data in s single place.

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Competence management

Assign tasks to resources based on the required competencies and attributes for flawless project results.

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Budget management

AI-driven functionality

Why Your Team Needs a Resource Management Solution

When working in a multi-project environment, project teams should have convenient tools that will keep them on the same page. They need a single source of truth to avoid ambiguity and a common space to collaborate efficiently.

As for the management level, project and resource managers also need a set of instruments to track progress and performance as well as ensure smooth workflow of all active projects.

The ideal solution that is capable of satisfying these needs is resource management software designed for a multi-project environment. The ability to manage shared resources between multiple projects is a property that makes this kind of software fundamentally different from traditional project management solutions.

What Is Multi-Project Resource Management Software

A multi-project resource management solution is a tool that contributes to the successful delivery of multiple projects by a company. This kind of software has necessary features to allocate resources and prioritize tasks with regard to project dependencies and the tools for progress and performance analysis. The features help to prevent resource conflicts and avoid bottlenecks by averting overload. Every feature of resource management software is developed to let the company keep the workflow smooth, while also providing an opportunity to control the financial aspects of business initiatives. 
Today most RM tools are SaaS solutions that also have a mobile app available in App Store and Google Play. Epicflow is a brilliant example of such a solution, because it has been designed by experts with 20+ years of experience in project management, who know firsthand about the specifics of complex multi-project environments and the challenges businesses are facing when dealing with them.  

Resource Management Tools Through
the Example of Epicflow

Epicflow is a great example of a modern multi-project resource management SaaS solution that has not only resource, project, task, and budget management features, but also AI-driven functionality. This property makes Epicflow unique in comparison with other tools and lets its clients gain additional financial benefits by making it possible to deliver more projects with the same number of resources.

  • Management can examine the way employees’ workload changed over time with a Historical Load graph and the way it will be distributed in the future with a feature of Epicflow called Future Load graph. This data lets project and resource managers make conclusions about the expected output project teams are more likely to deliver by a certain date.
  • Besides, AI is also used in What-if Analysis, where you can implement changes to the simulated project environment and see how they will affect your projects in the future.
  • Apart from the mentioned features, Epicflow users can also check their projects within time and budget constraints on the Bubble graph.

Epicflow’s mobile app that is available in App Store and Google Play provides the most essential features for efficient resource and task management. Project team members can report on the completion of their tasks and update any related data wherever they are just from their phones, and a resource or a project manager can carry out an analysis of their performance and perform a comparison with the baseline at any time using the application.

Why it’s important to choose the right resource management solution

Before choosing and adopting a resource management solution, an organization’s management should dwell on the main business goals, including growth objectives, and the current number of projects and resources. The search should be based on the main challenges the company faces, because the implementation of RM software should not only automate processes, save management time and simplify PMs’ job, but also resolve the project and resource management issues that hamper the business growth.
For small companies that have just several projects running in parallel, AI-driven multi-projects resource management solutions like Epicflow are a redundancy, because many of the features won’t be utilized in practice. At the same time, if a company is midsize or large, runs more than 3 complex projects simultaneously, traditional RM software won’t provide any value.