Group Management: Uniting Resources in the System for a Convenient Analysis

Create groups to unite your resources based on common characteristics or competences for easier and more convenient examination of the project flow, workload, and performance.
Create groups directly in Epicflow or link existing groups from an external system.

group management
group management

Manage Uncertainty with the Group Risk Factor Feature

A group risk factor is a number from 1 to 200 measured in % which is used to denote the risk of the discrepancy between estimations and the real time a resource group spends on a task.

Since some resource groups may require extra time for their tasks, they can be referred to a high risk factor group. This means they need extra buffer time, which in turn, impacts the priorities of projects and tasks within them. In this case, the project this group is assigned to will be on top of the Pipeline.ย 

When you make any changes in the system, Epicflow immediately adjusts task priorities taking dependencies between projects into account.

Multigroups: Combine Resource Groups into Units for Efficient Analysis

A multigroup is a hub of different resource groups united to represent a department in the system. For example, you can create a Production multigroup by uniting Assembly, Construction, and Welding to track production-related data in one place.

Material Resources: Register Production Materials and Unite Them Unto Groups

Add various types of production materials to the system to ensure efficient resource management:

  • Specify their price, hourly rate, measurement unit, risk factor.
  • Unite them into groups and use additional settings to make sure your project is planned perfectly.
  • Control their consumption.

UCLT Group: Log Hours for Task-Blockers That Cannot Be Done Faster

Use the Uncompressible Lead Time Group feature to record the time required for specific activities as part of project work that cannot be sped up by assigning more resources, e.g., waiting-on-cement time.
Use the Group Management page to create a UCLT group and register tasks that block further work on your projects.