Group Management

Epicflow users can create employee resource groups based on shared characteristics or skills. Correct group allocation is an important key for reference, identification of the impeded resources and controlling the project flow. The analysis of employee resource groups provides useful insights for business.

group management epicflow

Group Management Details

Epicflow has two mechanisms for creating groups:

creating groups directly in the Epicflow system and linking existing groups from external system.

Linking to the existing groups in external systems is preferable but not mandatory.

Group Risk Factor

Manage your project risks with Group Risk Factor function. It calculates the risk of the discrepancy between the initially estimated time for task accomplishment and the real time spent by the group of people working on the project. Since there are tasks your team can execute on time without any buffer, and some tasks require it, so add the amount of buffer you think is appropriate for a certain project . All changes will transform priority settings in the current project.