Adopt Resource Allocation Software to

Automate Assignment Processes

Improve Resource Management

Deliver Better Business Outcomes

  • Information about competences and attributes of every employee in a company and their levels is saved in a User Card.
  • Data about the competences and attributes required for task completion is kept in a Task Card.

Use Competence & Attribute Management Feature of Project Resource Allocation Software

to have the right resource do the right task at the right time

The Competence and Attribute Management feature of Epicflow resource allocation management software has been designed to simplify resource allocation in multi-project environments and make it more efficient.

It assists in managing multiple projects with a shared resource pool as it automatically finds a perfect match for completing project tasks based on the required expertise (skills) and attributes (e.g., geographical location).

Add as many competences and attributes as you need and ascribe them to users and tasks. Epicflow will use this information to help you assign the right employee to the right task.

Leverage Resource Allocation Advisor to Simplify and Enhance Resource Management in Your Projects 

Make Sure to Choose the Best Resource for a Task with Resource Allocation Software 

This resource allocation tool lets you easily define the perfect assignment by the color:

  • The green color shows the best resource for the assignment, which means that this employee has the same competence level and attributes that are required for the task.
  • The orange color means that the resources have the necessary competences, but they’re at a lower level than required by the assignment.
  • The red color shows an inappropriate resource for the assignment, meaning that this employee doesn’t have the necessary competence.
  • The blue color shows overqualified resources: the ones whose competence level is too high for the assignment.

The battery sign to the right of a resource shows their availability. The green battery means the resource has enough time to cope with the task, while the red one warns you about the lack of resource availability. With Epicflow resource allocation management software, you have everything necessary for flawless resource allocation at hand!


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Use filters in the resource allocation management tool to find the best resources for the assignments:

  • All required (shows the users’ competences that match the skills and levels required for the task completion),
  • Matched (shows only the competences that coincide with required (even if the competence level doesn’t correspond),
  • Mismatched (shows the competences that don’t match or their level doesn’t correspond to the required ones), and
  • Hide competences.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

To Bring Resource Assignment to the Next Level with Epicflow Resource Allocation Management Software

Use not only Competence Management feature to improve resource management at your company but also Epica – an innovative AI-driven virtual assistant that can act like a resource allocation project management tool.

Epica finds the best resources for the chosen tasks based on historical data and the predetermined conditions, for example, experience with a certain client.
Besides the colors and batteries we’ve described above, you can also see the Epica signs with the percentages showing how suitable the resource is for the selected assignment.

If a task that requires certain competence is assigned to a group, the system creates a hierarchy of resources: the best one is at the top of the list, and the worst one is at the bottom.
With the Competence and Attribute Management feature of Epicflow, you can be sure that the right resource works on the right task and make your resource management effort bring maximum outcomes.

Would You Like to Have the Competence & Attribute Management Feature in Your Current Software? You Can Have It!

If you’re using Jira, Oracle Primavera, or MS Project, you can enjoy ready-made integrations with Epicflow and use all our features, including Competence and Attribute Management, or order a custom integration with any other tool. Epicflow doesn’t substitute your current software, it just enriches it with advanced functionality that most traditional project management tools don’t have.

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