Fighting Uncertainty in Organizations, Including Matrix Ones

September 12, 2023

Watch the recording of an eye-opening discussion about the true role of uncertainty in project-based organizations with TOC experts Dr. Albert Ponsteen and Eli Schragenheim.

During their meeting, they’re touching upon the following topics:
– The specifics of managing project-based organizations.
– Why project-based organizations fail to deliver the desired business outcomes despite well-designed management strategies and efforts.
– Types of uncertainties and their corresponding buffers.
– The role of common and expected uncertainties in planning.
– Specifics of managing different types of buffers.
– The rescue role of idleness in project management: pro et contra.
– What consequences the ignoring of uncertainty may have.
– How to deal with uncertainty effectively and prepare your project environment for it.
– Everyday strategies to counter uncertainty.
– How software solutions can help fight uncertainty and reach better business outcomes.

Webinar speakers

Our special guest is Eli Schragenheim, a TOC expert, international researcher, speaker, author, and management consultant. He worked with Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt from the early 80s and contributed to the creation of Goldratt Institute, where he was a partner, and later on, a director of Goldratt Schools.

Eli is also a board member of TOCICO – the TOC International Certificate Organization. He’s the author of software simulators and management games based on TOC ideas as well as numerous bestsellers on project and business management: Management Dilemmas, Manufacturing at Warp Speed, Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed, Throughput Economics, and others. 

Currently, Eli Schragenheim is also the CEO of Elyakim Management Systems (1992) Ltd., a company providing international support for Theory Of Constraints (TOC) implementations worldwide. With the primary goal to spread the unique knowledge of TOC and be instrumental in developing further knowledge on how to manage organizations, he has been mentoring, consulting, and training consultants and practitioners throughout the last 25 years.

The webinar’s host is Dr. Ir. Albert Ponsteen, a researcher with 25 years of experience in multi-project management, co-founder of Epicflow, and managing partner at Glow Management. Being certified as a TOC expert, Albert has been a partner of the Goldratt Implementation Group Europe (GIG) since 2003. As a consultant, he also implemented TOC’s Critical Chain application in various project organizations. Having defended his Ph.D. thesis in multi-project management, Albert keeps implementing his research- and experience-based insights into practice by managing the R&D team of Epicflow while helping enterprises reach their business goals faster with intelligent resource management.


Webinar speakers

Dr. Albert Ponsteen

Webinar host

Dr. Eli Schragenheim

Special guest, TOC expert
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