Optimising Allocation of Resources in a Multi-Project Environment

May 30, 2024

Are you ready to revolutionize your resource allocation strategies and decision-making processes in a multi-project environment? Watch our exclusive webinar revealing the secrets of maximizing project profitability through optimized resource allocation and management.

What’s in store for you during the webinar:
Understanding the science behind decision-making in multi-project management.
Identifying the reasons why your project portfolio may not be generating the expected profit.
Finding out the effect of uninformed management decisions on a project portfolio’s profitability.
Exploring essential metrics that matter at both project and portfolio levels.
Discovering the pivotal role of proper resource allocation in boosting profitability.
Leveraging cutting-edge software tools for optimizing resource allocation in multi-project environments.

Here’s a brief introduction of the webinar speakers.

The webinar host, Jan Willem Tromp (Netherlands), is a multi-project resource change expert with 25 years of experience, an AI researcher, multi-project management and business consultant, speaker and lecturer, and a co-founder of Epicflow.

The webinar guest, Stephen Devaux (USA), is a project management theorist, consultant, author, and educator with 36 years of experience. His expertise spans various projects, from Fashion Model Barbie to avionics on the F-35. Stephen has introduced innovative methods and metrics to the project management discipline. He has taught project management at universities and for organizations worldwide, including Siemens, Ford, Qatar Telecom, and the US Air Force.

The event provides useful insights and practical tips for the wise management of multiple projects and their resources.

Webinar speakers

Jan Willem

Co-founder and AI researcher on Epicflow

Stephen Devaux

Webinar Guest
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