Resource Management at Enterprises: Exploring Multi-Project Environments

October 19, 2023

Watch the recording of the insightful webinar on multi-project management with prominent experts Jan Willem Tromp and Ben Rawson who have profound knowledge and rich experience in project management and digital transformation. The webinar is dedicated to the peculiarities of complex multi-project environments in SMEs and large enterprises and the role of resource allocation in them. After the webinar, you’ll understand the relationship between multi-project and resource management and will be able to implement your knowledge in your management strategy.

During the meeting, the speakers are sharing their experience-based opinions on the following topics:
– the specifics of a multi-project environment with a shared resource pool;
– the role of resources in multi-project management and the peculiarities of creating a resource pool;
– nuances of working with functional vs. cross-functional teams;
– the difference between managing multiple projects in companies depending on their size and the number of ongoing projects;
– the difficulties of ensuring project visibility and control in large enterprises;
– the role of resource performance vs. project progress in multi-project management;
– the duties of project, resource, and portfolio managers in resource allocation;
– the most common mistakes and failures of multi-project management and how to avoid them.
– the ways different types of PM software can help manage multiple projects with a shared resource pool;
– the value of AI for multi-project resource management.

Webinar speakers

The webinar’s host is Jan Willem Tromp – a Dutch AI researcher with 25 years of experience in project and resource management, MPM and business consultant, and a co-founder of Epicflow – the world’s first AI-driven multi-project resource management software solution. Jan Willem started his career in production and supply chain environments as a consultant and then changed his focus to project management. He is certified as a TOC (Theory of Constraints) expert and is a partner of the Goldratt Implementation Group, Europe (GIG). As a consultant, Jan Willem also implemented TOC’s Critical Chain application in various project organizations.

Our special guest is Ben Rawson – a British expert in the fields of Project and Resource Management, Change Management and Continuous Improvement, Engineering and Operations Management, and Production Management within the highly regulated Defence and Aerospace industry. Being employed by the Aerospace company for over seventeen years, Ben carried out various roles, most recently within the Digital Transformation Global Resource Management System Programme. He started his career as an environment trials technician, then environment trials technician, and switched to the role of a project manager in 2012. Throughout the next 10 years, he dynamically grew as an expert within the industry as an operations manager, group leader trials management, planning progamme leader, S3 improvement leader, and later on, a global resource management system technician lead. In 2023, he joined the Epicflow team as an implementation partner and a strategic resource management consultant within the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Webinar speakers

Jan Willem Tromp

Webinar host

Ben Rawson

Special guest
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