Utilizing AI on Different Levels of Multi-Project and Resource Management

December 7, 2023

Watch the recording of an enlightening discussion on multi-project management issues with our top-notch professionals Jan Willem Tromp and Dr. Albert Ponsteen who have extensive experience in MPM and digital transformation.

The webinar provides insights on AI applications in multi-project, resource, and portfolio management, and the way it transforms complex MPM processes and decision-making.

The webinar covers the following issues:
– Why successful multi-project management requires a different approach and different tools;
– How AI assists with making complex decisions (setting the right priorities, assigning resources, making changes to the project environment, etc.);
– The use of AI-driven insights by different project participants (portfolio and resource managers, team members);
– The role of virtual assistants in project and resource management work;
– The way artificial intelligence transforms the role of project, resource, and portfolio managers as well as PMOs;
– How AI-driven analytics contributes to the success of your multi-project and resource management efforts;
– Why AI becomes a necessity in modern resource and PPM software.

After watching the webinar, you’ll get a big picture of AI’s disruptive role in multi-project and resource management and the variety of its applications in these activities.

Webinar speakers

Dr. Ir. Albert Ponsteen is a researcher and Ph.D. in management science (multi-project resource management), MPM and business consultant with extensive experience in multi-project and resource management. 

Jan Willem Tromp is a multi-project resource change expert and business consultant with rich experience in managing multiple projects and their shared resources, AI researcher, speaker and lecturer. 

They both are certified TOC (Theory of Constraints) experts and partners of Goldratt Implementation Group (GIG). In 2007, Albert and Jan Willem set up a company GLOW-Management BV that specialized in managing resources in multi-project environments. With time, their first-hand experience and research results distilled into a unique methodology for multi-project and resource management, which was later implemented in Epicflow, an AI-powered multi-project resource management solution. 

Currently, Jan Willem Tromp and Albert Ponsteen work on further AI developments for Epicflow, help organizations adopt this solution as well as continue consulting businesses on efficient management of their projects and resources.   

Webinar speakers

Dr. Ir. Albert Ponsteen

Webinar host

Jan Willem Tromp

Special guest
project create

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