Aerospace & Defence
Multi-Project Resource Planning Software

With Epicflow, A&D enterprises can optimize their resources to complete more successful projects and ensure sustainable growth

Intelligent AI-powered solution

Intelligent AI-powered solution that helps unite globally distributed resources
and utilize them most efficiently throughout multiple projects

Be sure of working on the right projects at the right time

Make your project environment flexible under conditions of increasing uncertainty

Keep all essential resource-related data at hand

Know your priorities and put your effort into the most important activities

Take advantage of integrations with project management tools

Spot bottlenecks to streamline your workflows and unlock resources’ capacity

Make decisions based on data analysis

Aviation project portfolio management software

Aviation project portfolio management software that lets A&D enterprises ensure smooth workflow and optimize resources. Epicflow is suitable for mid-sized and large enterprises that deal with complex and dynamic multi-project environments with a shared resource pool.

By leveraging Epicflow, Aerospace and Defence organizations get
the following benefits:

Unique approach

A unique approach to multi-project resource management

AI-powered features

AI-powered features for informed decision-making and intelligent resource and portfolio management

The highest data security

The highest data security measures proved by JOSCAR accreditation

Diverse functionality

Diverse functionality from task to enterprise management

Explore Epicflow in action

Gain more insight on how Epicflow’s features simplify complex Aerospace
and Defence project management

Achieve more with Epicflow!

Epicflow is trusted by the Dutch Ministry of Defence to develop
a strategy to deliver earlier and more with the existing resources through a game-changing approach to managing resources across their multiple projects and programs.

Our clients’ success stories

Epicflow has helped a UK defence company’s department increase its revenue without any investments, just by reorganizing resources’ work.

With Epicflow, they identified what had hampered their workflows and prevented them from undertaking more projects.

Currently, Epicflow allows the department
to forecast future resource demand and plan their upcoming projects accordingly.

Epicflow has revealed an opportunity for
the department to do 10% more work with its current resources without overloading.

More projects lower costs

As a result, the company has an opportunity to undertake 10% more projects in one department without extra cost for staffing.
It means that the extra revenue will be almost the same as the increase in profit.

Talk to our defence industry expert

Snatch an opportunity to talk to our expert – project management
and digital transformation specialist from the Defence and Aerospace industry, Ben Rawson, who has 17+ years of experience in managing Aerospace and Defence projects.