Updated on June 11, 2019

Digitalization is shaking every industry, disrupting traditional business management approaches. The skills we applied several years ago no longer prove efficient. A volume of work that took us months to accomplish can now be done at the swipe of a finger thanks to automation. Our intuition was admitted cumbersome and risky to rely on. Artificial intelligence algorithms have far outstripped our capabilities to manage people and projects. Altogether, these factors have led us to a new, digital economy that, as might be expected, dictates many new rules.

Going digital isn’t as much about embracing state-of-the-art tools and technologies as it is about adopting appropriate mindsets to manage them. According to Gartner, it’s essential to form a new mindset if you want to stand out as a digital leader. “The real problem here is not only the outdated processes, but also the institutionalized, traditional mindset in organizations,” suggests Cassio Dreyfuss, vice president at Gartner.

Traditional leader vs Digital leader

McKinsey researchers, however, admit that only 8% of companies believe their business models will remain economically viable through digitalization. Surprisingly, most organizations still lack the knowledge to go digital and instead “leave their business adrift in the fast-churning waters of digital adoption and change,” according to McKinsey Digital Global Survey. To help you get the knowledge you need, we’ve collected the best online digitalization courses that will help you develop a strategic response to this new trend.

The MIT Review acknowledges that we should expect more of the same from the leading online education providers such as Coursera, edX, and Udacity. Let’s see what platforms and courses are worth your time.

Coursera: Digital Transformations

Length: 4 weeks

Price: Free 7-day trial

Created by: Indian School of Business

Coursera’s Digital Transformations course taught by Deepa Mani teaches you how to exploit technology to achieve business value. Professor Mani promises to give sufficient background information on IT-enabled changes that drive the current business environment. Digital Transformations will lead you through the business models used by giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

edX: Digital Transformation Strategy

Upcoming session: Sep 4, 2019

Length: 6 weeks, 4–6 hours per week

Price: Free

Created by: Boston University

This online digitalization course gives you the opportunity to explore the world of digital ecosystems in light of your organization’s needs. You’ll be introduced to three phases of transformation that businesses face on their way to digital reinvention and essential steps that will guide you to success. After the course, you’ll understand how machine learning can amplify your employees’ talent.

how to digitalize business


Udacity for Business

Udacity offers an exclusive opportunity for your entire team, providing insights in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, which form the core of digital awareness.

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Udemy: Defining a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Price: $11.99

Created by: Mike Connor, CEO of Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA)

This course will charge you with the right mood to embark on digitalization. You’ll learn the basics of digital transformation requirements, explore major pitfalls that cause 70% of digital efforts to fail, and see how to create a program for your own company.

Ionology: Digital Transformation Courses

Length: 1 or 3 days per course

Price: From $695

Digital Transformation from Ionology consists of three courses for non-technical executives: Leading Digital Transformation, Creating Competitive Advantage Leveraging Emerging Technologies, and Preparing Your Business for Artificial Intelligence. The emphasis in these courses is on the mindset of the digital innovator and on innovative products and services and ways to deploy them.

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FutureLearn: Digital Transformation of Businesses and Services

Length: 6 weeks

Price: Free/ $79 upgrade

Created by: Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM)

FutureLearn sheds light on the impact of digital transformation and teaches you where exactly to begin. You’ll predict how digitalization may disrupt your organization and be ready to implement effective methods to lead change. The course also gives you an overview of modern tools and roles they might create within your company.

Insead: Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

Upcoming session: Sep 20, 2019

Length: 5 weeks

Price: €1,500

Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption will encourage you to develop value propositions for your company that account for digital advances. Insead promises that after this course you’ll be able to turn disruption from a threat to an opportunity.

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You can also visit an IMD course in Singapore titled Leading Digital Business Transformation. In just five days, you’ll feel more confident about digital disruption, as this course will walk you through the experiences of digital disruptors including Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and Silicon Valley as an entire community. The course will enable you to define a plan of action for digitalization that best meets your organization’s goals.

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