The Digital Project Manager recognized Epicflow as one of the best resource scheduling tools for 2018. What tells the software apart from other PM tools in the list is the functionality which lets you successfully run multiple ongoing projects with a shared pool of resources. Thanks to Epicflow’s integration capabilities, it helps users of MS Project and Jira add efficient resource scheduling to their existing systems.

Epicflow is successfully used by BIC, De Keizer Marine, Pilz, TKF, CWZ Hospital, KPN, Wiener Linien, and many other businesses worldwide to get their projects finished on time and on value with effective resource management, clear priorities, and optimized workloads. Whether it’s a construction site, a shipyard, or any other complex environment that requires people management, Epicflow is effective at interpreting what holds employees back from accomplishing their tasks.


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A notable feature of Epicflow is the future load graph, which predicts the impact and feasibility of adding a new project to your pipeline and can estimate what it will take for your team to complete an additional project. By adding new analytical prowess courtesy of Epicflow, you can keep your tasks, projects, and deadlines in harmony. Better still, you can keep volatile situations under control. This web-based add-on contains features that allow you to see the weakest link in each chain, solve capacity problems, and visualize progress in as many projects as you coordinate.

We’re happy that the Digital Project Manager rated Epicflow among the top ten resource scheduling tools for 2018. To check how Epicflow works, register for a live product demonstration below and get your free trial.