Epicflow development team worked tirelessly to streamline project management and make task prioritization more effective, and such efforts were not underminedby the expert community.


This time, our system got featured on one of world’s best-known B2B software directories FinancesOnline.com, and honored with even two of their top project management awards.

Experts considered Epicflow because of its capacity to address the exact needs of C-level managers, and help them eliminate the bottlenecks typical for multi-project environments. According to them, confirming the presence of such functionality in a relatively young system was a green light to recommend our product, and distinguish it with the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for their project management software category. We are convinced there couldn’t be a better way to acknowledge our good work, as FinancesOnline’s readers know these awards are only delivered to best-of-breed, effective and user-friendly software.

Epicflow also appeared among the platform’s top 10 project management software solutions, as experts found its planning and rescheduling algorithm to be a valuable addition to any business. They were also fond of our seamless integration with leading project management providers (JIRA, MS Project, etc.), and praised the attention we dedicate to human resources as the moving force behind every well-executed project.

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