In the present-day dynamic business environment, you should stay on top of all recent trends and be ready to implement innovations in your work. Check out our selection of events for project/resource managers, business leaders, and industry professionals, which will provide you with valuable insights into recent trends and challenges, networking opportunities, and contribute to your professional development.

Events for Project and Resource Managers

Dubai International Project Management Forum

January, 15-18, Dubai, UAE

The 2024 Forum entitled ‚ÄúBeyond Boundaries‚ÄĚ will bring together more than 2,000 project professionals to discuss three primary topics: sustainability, modern methods of project management, future trends and technology. The Forum participants will have an opportunity to learn from inspirational project management leaders as well as attend masterclasses revealing the aspects of delivering sustainable projects, Agile transformation, application of technologies, and more.¬†¬†

Strategic Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma

January, 17-19, Frankfurt, Germany

The conference will cover a variety of essential topics on effective project portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • How to support critical decision-making by implementing actionable methodologies, technologies, and organization models;
  • Ways of maximizing the value of project portfolio by means of intelligent project prioritization, resource allocation, and balancing between risks and opportunities;
  • How to optimize PPM processes, reduce risks and maximize value, and more.¬†¬†

2024 Healthcare Project Delivery Conference

January, 30-31, San Diego, USA

This year’s conference will focus on implementing developments in procurement, design, financing, and O&M in healthcare projects. The participants will learn how healthcare providers overcome resource constraints and deliver new developments. Experienced healthcare professionals will share insights into ensuring effective risk and resource management and timely project delivery thanks to applying project delivery innovations. 

Women in Project Management 

March, 7, Dublin, Ireland

During this annual event, women engaged in project management will have an opportunity to network with their peers, sophisticate their skills, exchange their ideas, share experiences as well as learn from innovators, decision-makers, developers, and more. The event brings together experienced project management practitioners from various industries: finance, technology, pharma, telecommunications, engineering, and more. The conference will cover a range of topics ‚Äď emerging technologies, diversity, soft skills development, inspiration for project managers, and more.¬†¬†

25th European Pharma and Biotech Project, Program and Portfolio Management Conference

March, 7-8, London, UK 

The conference will shed light on the essential aspects of effective project portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry: 

  • Effective decision-making (leveraging AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, decision analysis);
  • Risk management;
  • Capacity planning under conditions of resource constraints;
  • Aligning project portfolio with an organization‚Äôs strategy.¬†¬†

In addition to the above-mentioned insights, the event participants will have numerous opportunities for networking with their peers and establishing business friendships. 

Passion for Projects

March 11-12, Helsingborg, Sweden

This is a big congress about innovations and project management organized by the PMI Sweden Chapter. The speakers (scientists, futurists, thought leaders, HR professionals) will share their expertise and experience in implementing innovations to empower project management skills. The event will be interesting to those who want to develop their management skills, learn more about innovative AI tools, and everybody curious about the future of project management. 

Project World Business Analyst World 

March, 25-28, Toronto, Canada

This annual conference brings together leading business and project management experts from all over the world. The event will allow project managers to earn PDUs, learn from expert speakers during the educational sessions, acquire new skills, master new technologies and methodologies, and network with peers. 

PMI Global Summit Series 2024

April, 10-11, Berlin, Germany 

This will be the first PMI Global Summit Series in Europe. The international project management community will gather in Berlin to share their experience and expertise, network with colleagues, earn PDUs, learn from top project management experts and speakers, discover new solutions and connect with their providers, and more.   

The Pharma PPM Toolbox Conference 2024

April, 17-18, Basel, Switzerland 

The event is dedicated to discussing the key success factors of project portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry ‚Äď portfolio evaluation, prioritization, and optimization. The conference’s agenda involves keynotes, presentations, case studies, and interviews with leading pharma experts dealing with project portfolio management.¬†¬†

Project Management Symposium

April, 18-19, College Park, MD, USA 

The symposium brings together project management experts from all over the United States to share their experiences and discuss hot PM topics. The program of the symposium includes case studies, lessons learned, academic research, actionable tips, and more. There are three attendance options, in-person, online, and hybrid, as well as opportunities to earn PDUs. 

12th Research Conference: Project Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

April, 19-21, College Park, MD, USA 

The conference organized by the International Project Management Association aims to gather project management experts, researchers, scholars, and practitioners. This year‚Äôs subject of the event will cover various aspects of leveraging AI in project management ‚Äď e.g., emerging project competencies, ethical issues, sustainability, learning models, and more. The conference‚Äôs program includes keynotes presented by experts from the American and global PM and AI communities, research awards gala events, and opportunities for networking.¬†¬†

Project Summit Business Analyst World

April,  22-24, Orlando, FL, USA 

This annual event aims to gather leading experts in business and project management from all over the globe. The conference will provide opportunities for project managers to earn PDUs, learn from expert speakers during the educational sessions, acquire new skills, master new technologies and methodologies, and network with peers. 

Project Control Summit 2024

April, 22-24, Galveston, TX, USA 

The summit held by the Project Controls Academy brings together top experts in project controls and project management, thought leaders, and decision-makers to share their expertise in these domains and engage with their colleagues. The event offers a diversified learning experience, facilitates mastering advanced technologies, and promotes establishing valuable relationships, which will help you level up your expertise and drive your career’s growth.   

Global Scrum Gathering

May, 19-22, New Orleans, USA 

The event will be of interest to agile practitioners and change-makers who want to network, engage with the Agile community, level up their professional skills, and advance their careers. The Global Scrum Gathering will include educational sessions, personalized coaching, networking opportunities, career services, and more. 

Portfolio Conference

May, 22-24, Basel, Switzerland   

The conference will shed light on the most essential aspects of the project portfolio management:

  • Increasing the value of the PMO;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • The significance of soft skills for project managers;
  • Rationalization of the portfolio under conditions of uncertainty;
  • Regulatory dynamics, new standards, and more.¬†

The event welcomes project, program, and portfolio managers looking for opportunities for establishing new connections and professional development as well as everyone interested in the topic. 

APM Conference 2024: Navigating Tomorrow: Future Skills for Project Professionals

June, 5-6, Coventry, UK 

The event aims to help project management professionals navigate the present-day fast-changing world and understand its impact on their profession. The conference attendees will have a chance to dive into the following topics:

  • How the profession of a project manager can attract and retain talent;
  • Bridging the gap between available and required skills;
  • How to make project management a career of first choice;
  • Embracing the opportunities of AI and data analytics;
  • Investigating the above-mentioned technologies‚Äô effect on PM roles, skills, and competencies.¬†

15th IRNOP Conference

June, 11-14, Stockholm, Sweden   

IRNOP annual conference brings together scholars who have a background in business, engineering, economics, etc. who are interested in applied research on project management and project-based organizations. The subject of this year’s Conference is Project Management in a Sustainable Future. The event will include a Doctoral Symposium, conference presentations, and post-conference activities.  


June, 13-14, Cracow, Poland 

ACE! is the largest Agile conference in Central Europe. This year’s event will embrace two tracks. The Agile Software Development track will be interesting for Scrum masters, Agile coaches, team leaders, project and product managers, and everyone involved in product delivery. The other track, Product Design and Management, will attract product managers, UI/UX designers, and researchers. The event will also include Agile Coaching Corner, Product & Design Cafe, open space sessions, networking opportunities, and more. 

PMO London 2024

June, 18-19. London, UK 

The PMO conference is focused on issues related to the work portfolio, program, and project offices. The conference program includes presentations of PMO experts, an exhibition of PMO products and services as well as numerous opportunities to engage with colleagues ‚Äď PMO directors, Heads of P3O, PMO managers, program managers, PMO analysts, and PMO support practitioners. The conference attendees will learn the insights from the latest PMO research, and learn about new PMO ideas, methodologies, and products.¬†¬†

Project and Program Management Symposium

August, 13-15, Canberra, Australia 

The Symposium brings together project managers who are ready to share their expertise and/or improve their skill sets in the fields of project and program management, governance, and controls as well as network with their peers. The event will be of interest to senior managers, project management practitioners, academics, and newcomers.  

Future PMO

October, 3, London, UK 

This annual conference is organized by Wellingtone, a leading project management consultancy. The event gathers PMO and project management professionals who are eager to learn new things, share their knowledge and experience, and grow as professionals. The highlight of the Future PMO is that it combines serious discussions on PMO and PPM with an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere. 

Project Controls Expo

November, 5-6, London, UK

This event is focused on the issues of project controls ‚Äď its value and impact on the success of project management. During the expo, the attendees will be able to explore real-world solutions to typical PM problems; discover recent technologies, tools, and services; participate in the enlightening discussions of the latest areas of project controls; engage with supply chain organizations; and meet all major project controls professional in one place. The event will be of interest to project controls engineers, project leaders/managers, resource managers, change management experts, risk managers, business consultants, and more.

Events for Business Leaders

Global CEO Summit 2024

Jan 31 РFeb 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This is an exclusive invitation-only event for senior leaders at a fabulous venue. The summit will provide the attendees with networking opportunities during both formal conference sessions and informal networking activities (networking lunch, sports club, and more). You can check the list of participants on the event’s website. 


March, 13-14, London, UK 

This is a premium business conference for start-ups, SMEs, and high-growth business owners. The program of the event includes seminars, interactive panel sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The attendees will learn about developing sustainable strategies for business growth, elevating their brands, generating leads, and building strong networks. 

Transform for the Better, Together

March, 11-13, Las Vegas, USA   

This event is for people-driven executives, future-focused leaders, and workforce tech investors who will have three days of exploring hands-on experiences, participating in enlightening discussions, and networking with colleagues. The conference program also includes an after-party with a special musical performance. You can check the list of companies participating in the event on the website.  

EntreLeadership Summit 

April, 21-24, Dallas, TX, USA 

The summit brings together business owners and leaders from a variety of industries. You should attend the event if you are interested in: 

  • Learning lessons and finding inspiration from top business leaders;
  • Receiving tools to strengthen your leadership and transform your business;
  • Connecting with other leaders;
  • Strengthening your team‚Äôs culture and creating buy-in, etc.¬†

7th International Conference on Applied Research in Business, Management and Economics

May, 24-26, Munich, Germany 

At the conference, professional researchers, scholars, scientists, and academicians can present their insights to colleagues as well as expand their academic networks. The following topics will be covered during the event:

  • The phenomenon of startups,
  • Business and crisis management,
  • Business and taxes,¬†
  • Business ethics, and more.¬†

All the accepted research papers will be published in the conference Proceedings. 

Agile on the Beach

July, 4-5, Cornwall, UK 

The event aims to propagate the Agile principles through thought leaders, visionaries, and adopters. Agile on the Beach brings together everyone working with Agile and those interested in how the methodology can transform their business, career, or personal life. The topics considered during the conference include:

  • Software delivery,¬†
  • Agility in business,
  • Team working,
  • Product design and management, etc.

The conference program includes two days of discussions, workshops, social events, and networking.  

Nordic Business Forum

September, 25-26, Helsinki, Finland 

The 2-day forum will allow its attendees to upgrade their skills and master leadership qualities required for becoming an effective leader in times of uncertainty. You can learn how to master the so-called courageous leadership: solve complex problems, become forward-thinking and resilient, take advantage of opportunities, and welcome change.   

Bits & Pretzels

September, 29 РOctober, 1, Munich, Germany 

This annual conference brings together the world‚Äôs top business leaders, founders, and investors ‚Äď Barack and Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson were among the event‚Äôs speakers at the last years‚Äô events. This is also a place for startups to find inventors, partners, and potential customers. The uniqueness of Bits & Pretzels is that it combines learning with networking during the Munich Octoberfest.

Strategic Growth Forum

November, 13-16, Palm Springs, CA, USA 

This forum is one of the most exclusive events for CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and professional investors. The event‚Äôs program includes inspiring keynotes, one-to-one meetings, networking as well as thought-provoking discussions. You shouldn‚Äôt miss this event if you want to meet potential clients, partners, or investors; intensify your company‚Äôs growth; learn inspiring success stories, and more. Finally, the forum will end with the National Awards celebration, Entrepreneur Of The Year¬ģ US.

Innovations and Digital Transformation

World AI Cannes Festival 

February, 8-10, Cannes, France

This festival is a gathering of people and organizations that are developing the most innovative and purposeful AI strategies in the world. The conference program featuring over 300 speakers provides opportunities for learning, networking, and discovery experience. In particular, the festival participants will have opportunities to:

  • Connect with the AI industry elite;
  • Explore the most successful AI strategies;¬†
  • Gain insight into the potential of impressive AI technologies;
  • Experience the future of artificial intelligence, and more.¬†

The European Chatbot and Conversational AI Summit

March, 12-14, Edinburgh, Scotland + Online 

The fourth edition of the AI Summit is a two-day conference and an exhibition that brings together industry experts and adopters of Generative AI, Conversational AI, virtual assistants, chatbots, etc. The attendees of the event will have a chance to explore the recent trends and changes in applying conversational AI within the European market. The main topics that will be discussed during the summit include:

  • Bots in customer service,
  • Ethical considerations in CAI and GenAI,
  • The EU AI act,
  • Leveraging the power of large language models,
  • Voice and virtual assistants, and more.¬†


April, 8-10, Tel Aviv, Israel 

CyberTech is the cyber industry’s most prominent B2B networking platform. The event in Tel Aviv will showcase keynote speeches, panel dialogues, specialized sessions, and individual consultations with leading cyber professionals from various sectors, including industry, government, and academia. The Cybertech conference delves into a diverse array of subjects across numerous sectors, e.g., AI and Machine Learning, defense, blockchain, quantum computing, cloud, intelligence, maritime security, and many more.

DTX: The North’s Biggest Enterprise IT Event 

May, 22-23, Manchester, UK 

The event aims to help leading companies thrive amid ongoing disruptions, develop strategies, and identify opportunities during tough times. With this purpose, DTX Manchester brings together tech leaders who will share their insights on fostering innovation, leveraging data to improve customer experience, creating exciting products, making informed risk management decisions, and facilitating seamless remote collaboration. Alongside the main exhibition, the participants can attend various events and social gatherings as well as take advantage of opportunities to discover cutting-edge solutions, network with industry peers, and gain knowledge from leading innovators. 

Machine Learning Week

June, 4-7, Phoenix, AZ, USA 

The main focus of the event is commercial applications of machine learning. MLW will unite hundreds of professionals, including data scientists, machine learning specialists, analytics leaders, and AI innovators from various sectors such as finance, technology, marketing, e-commerce, manufacturing, and logistics. During the two-day main conference and two-day dedicated workshops, the attendees will have access to top-tier keynotes, sessions, workshops, a vendor showcase, expert panels, networking breaks, receptions, lunches, and interactions with industry leaders and experts.


August, 12-14, Las Vegas, USA 

Ai4 is one of the world’s largest congresses for AI leaders in business. During the event, the attendees will have opportunities to: 

  • Explore the most recent developments, innovations, and strategies that are influencing the future of AI;
  • Enjoy tailored content and networking opportunities for business and tech professionals across all significant industries and sectors;
  • Engage with top AI startups, investors, and governmental bodies, and more.¬†

Digital Transformation Week Europe

October, 1-2, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Digital Transformation Week stands as the premier gathering focusing on Transformation Infrastructure, Employee Experience, Hybrid Cloud, the Future of Work, Sustainability, and Automation. The event provides its attendees with opportunities to:

  • Engage with leading digital experts and uncover essential strategies to elevate their digital initiatives;¬†
  • Gain insights into pivotal technologies and methodologies that empower better decision-making, streamline operations, amplify customer interactions, and foster a robust digital ethos within your organization;
  • Be inspired by thought leaders as they unveil practical strategies for achieving digital transformation excellence;
  • Explore critical domains like Transformation Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Future of Work, Employee Experience, Customer Engagement, Automation, Sustainability, Business Transformation, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


October, 24, Edinburgh, Scotland 

The event will examine essential technology trends and industry disruptions in the backdrop of essential socio-economic changes. The event attendees will explore the role of tech leaders in fostering positive transformations, addressing ways to bolster operations, tackle difficulties, and achieve concrete business outcomes.

There will be four areas of focus ‚Äď Landscape, Process, Design, Technology, and People. The following subtopics will also be discussed: navigating uncertainty, managing remote teams, implementing Agile, data analytics, AI, ML, empowering employees, ensuring effective collaboration, and more.¬†

Deep Learning Summit London 

November, 4-5, London, UK 

The summit strives to connect cutting-edge technological innovations with their practical applications in both business and society. What to expect of the 2024 summit?

  • Multiple sessions facilitating cross-industry knowledge sharing and collaboration;
  • In-depth sessions promoting interactive discussions, hands-on workshops, and technical labs;
  • Networking events offering chances to build new relationships through shared exhibitor areas and a Networking Reception;
  • Q&A sessions with speakers following each presentation;
  • Post-event access to on-demand content, allowing attendees to revisit any missed sessions.
Events for the Aerospace and Defense Industry Professionals

Mobile Deployable Communications

January, 24-25, London, UK   

MDC is a conference that is centered around deployable CIS. The event aims to unite leading global program managers, key decision-makers, industry specialists, and visionaries to delve into the latest developments in communication technology in the defense sector. 

The event provides opportunities to:

  • connect with senior military leaders and industry professionals;¬†
  • explore recent communication technologies aimed to optimize battlefield command and control;
  • take part in discussions regarding the future of communications technology¬†¬†¬†¬†


March 12-14, Charlotte, NC, USA 

AeroTech is a conference dedicated to the most recent innovations in aerospace technology. The event welcomes engineers, academics, scientists, regulators, and executives from across the globe, who will exchange their insights on the latest advancements in aerospace technology and discover new ways to improve their professional skills and expertise. The event offers a variety of keynotes, technical presentations, interactive panels as well as networking opportunities. 

Defense Communities National Summit

April, 8-10, Washington, DC, USA 

The summit aims to bring together key decision-makers from the Department of Defense and Congress as well as experts from various fields to discuss the defense perspectives for upcoming years. The updated program of the summit will cover topics that will define defense policy for the next ten years, which will help defense communities remain mission-ready in the long run. The summit participants will also have an opportunity to take part in educational sessions as well as network with peers from across the US.  

AIAA Defense Forum

April 16-18, Maryland, USA

The forum brings together government leaders, industry professionals, the military, and academia to discuss the acceleration of innovations in the defense sector. The forum’s topics will cover strategic, programmatic, technical, and policy issues relevant to the aerospace and defense industry. In particular, the discussions will focus on the need to adapt latest technological solutions to achieve operational effectiveness. The forum’s program will involve two parts: a technical program delving into research and technologies required to address specific problems as well as high-level plenary sessions focused on issues of future national security.   

Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

September, 20-21, Toulouse, France 

The summit is one of the premier events dedicated to additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector. It offers a centralized platform to engage with the world’s leading suppliers, explore the latest industry innovations and products, discover tools that will help boost efficiency, and enhance profitability. 

Future Forces International Exhibition

October 16-18, Czech Republic, Prague

The forum stands as a recognized international platform dedicated to the exchange of defense and security insights, as well as supporting the goals of allied countries and their partners in both national and worldwide security contexts. The event is supported by the Czech President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, and other governmental entities as well as in partnerships with NATO structures. The attendees will have an opportunity to take part in discussions and events dedicated to interoperability, emerging trends, capability shortcomings, and business prospects across defense and security domains. Additionally, the event serves as a showcase platform for industry, R&D, and military capabilities through both static and interactive presentations.

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium

October, 30-31, Frankfurt, Germany 

This is the global conference and exhibition focused on ultra-low-emission aircraft technology and the potential of fully electric flights. The event encompasses a broad spectrum of aerospace activities, ranging from general aviation and eVTOL to regional and large-scale commercial aircraft. The symposium attendees will have a chance to:

  • Explore the rapid advancements in hybrid propulsion, electrical subsystem architecture, and the progression toward more electric aircraft;
  • Discuss extensive research on aircraft electrification, exploring both its promising prospects and inherent challenges;
  • Find out innovative solutions that help decarbonize the aerospace sector and achieve the goal of sustainable air mobility.
Events for Automotive Industry Professionals

16th Automotive World 2024

January, 24-26, Tokyo, Japan 

The event comprises both exhibitions and conferences to discuss important subjects within the automotive sector, including automotive electronics, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, electric/hybrid/fuel cell vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and more. Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers will attend the event to identify potential suppliers and forge strategic partnerships. 

Conference of Automotive Remarketing

March, 28-30, Las Vegas, USA  

The attendees of the event will gain insights into current industry trends, evolving vehicle market dynamics, innovative technological solutions, professional standards, industry future outlook, and other important subjects. Also, by participating in the conference, consignors, auction houses, auto dealers, and various remarketing firms will have an opportunity to network and establish new relationships. 

Automotive Functional Safety Week

April, 15-18, Berlin, Germany

The event offers four days of technical sessions, networking opportunities, and insightful discussions. It was designed in collaboration with working group members and safety specialists to provide the attendees with an actionable approach to ensuring safety. This year’s program is focused on tackling the emerging safety challenges of Level 3+ autonomous vehicles, AI, machine learning, open-source software, and software-defined vehicles. The Automotive Functional Safety Week welcomes senior functional safety experts responsible for implementing ISO 26262 & SOTIF across components, systems, and vehicles.¬†

Commercial Vehicle Show 

April 23-25, Birmingham, UK 

The Commercial Vehicle Show is the UK’s largest event dedicated to road freight transport, distribution, and logistics. The 2024 edition of the event involves a comprehensive exhibition as well as a three-day top-tier seminar that will cover the most pressing subjects such as ministerial announcements, decarbonization efforts, and the industry’s most invaluable asset‚ÄĒits workforce.

Future of the Car

May, 7-9, London, UK + Online 

The 10th anniversary of the Future of the Car will bring together the leading experts in the automotive industry (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and other senior executives from leading OEMs) for insightful keynote discussions, engaging debates, and extensive networking sessions. The event attendees will have access to the Networking App so that they can engage with other attendees as well as arrange meetings in advance.  

Automotive Testing Expo

June, 4-6, Stuttgart, Germany  

The Automotive Testing Expo is a global exhibition showcasing advancements in automotive testing, development, and validation technologies, where over 400 exhibitors will present their cutting-edge products and services. The attendees will get acquainted with latest innovations in ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, NVH measurement instruments, simulation software, durability testing tools, crash test equipment, emission analysis systems, and more. What is more, numerous service providers, including proving grounds and testing facilities, will also be represented at the expo.

Automotive Manufacturing 2024

June, 19-22, Bangkok, Thailand   

The event will focus on advancements in automotive parts production technology, e.g., sheet metal fabrication, measurement, welding, subcontracting, and collaborative knowledge exchange. During the event, industry entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest transformative trends from over 250 leading global service providers in the automotive sector.

SMMT International Automotive Summit 2024

June, 25, London, UK 

The summit is one of the cornerstone events in the UK automotive landscape, offering an opportunity to discuss pertinent topics and opportunities that shape automotive enterprises and the industry in general. The program of the summit will tackle critical issues, e.g.:

  • the industry’s path towards net zero emissions,¬†
  • enhancing the UK’s competitiveness against the background of global competition,¬†
  • the opportunities for businesses that proactively innovate for the future.¬†

The summit will also involve panel dialogues centered on market dynamics, technological advancements, and workforce considerations.

Events for Pharmaceutical Industry Experts

6th International Conference on PharmScience Research and Development 

February, 26-28, Boston, MA, USA 

The Pharma R&D Conference is an annual gathering with participants coming from over 35 countries both within the region and globally. This event offers an opportunity to benchmark and engage with industry leaders. The three-day program embraces pharmaceutical and technology presentations, engaging panel discussions, and enlightening keynotes. The main aim of the conference is to foster collaboration and drive innovation and competitiveness of pharmaceutical organizations. 

AI in Drug Discovery 

March, 11-12, London, UK 

The event will provide insights into the latest AI breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry directly from industry professionals. In particular, the event’s attendees will have opportunities to: 

  • Deepen their understanding of drug target selection methodologies with expertise from prominent biotech and pharma companies;
  • Gain insights into neural networks with a focus on digital twins, innovative drug design, and in-silico modeling;
  • Learn about the potential of AI to implement autonomous systems and high-throughput screening to optimize drug production workflows;
  • Discuss the constraints of existing AI/ML tools and techniques to ensure their optimal and precise deployment, and more.¬†

Pharmagora Plus

March, 9-10, Paris, France 

PharmagoraPlus is one of the largest pharmacy events in France intended for pharmacists, healthcare experts, pharmacy owners, assistants, technicians, and students. The two-day event offers opportunities to discover innovative products, services, and suppliers. Also, the attendees can participate in enlightening conferences and discussions with pharmacy leaders as well as network with colleagues in a friendly environment.

American Biomanufacturing Summit 

April, 10-11, San Francisco, USA 

The Summit aims to provide biopharma executives with an understanding of current trends, actionable insights, and recommendations regarding biopharma manufacturing, quality assurance and control, capacity management, outsourcing, supply chain management, etc. The summit attendees will explore strategies that help biomanufacturing companies maximize efficiency while remaining compliant with the industry’s standards. 

2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry

April, 11-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This pharmaceutical conference brings together global experts, researchers, innovators, and industry leaders. The event aims to explore the most recent innovations and developments in the pharmaceutical industry and provides opportunities to exchange insights, establish connections, and deepen the participants’ expertise in the field.

Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2024

May, 15-16, Barcelona, Spain 

The event will bring together pharmaceutical experts and companies, students, researchers, scientists, medical and clinical experts, technologists, and other healthcare practitioners. The subject of the summit is “Unlocking the Power of Technologies in Pharmaceutical Science”; the event will provide an opportunity to learn from mentors, experts, and pharmacy owners and in such a way enhance knowledge in pharmacy through networking and establishing international connections for future collaborations.¬†

Future Pharma and Innovations

September, 11-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The conference invites pharma directors, team leaders, professors, speakers, researchers, scientists, healthcare practitioners, and industry delegates from leading universities and pharmaceutical companies from across the globe to discuss the topic ‚ÄúInnovations in Pharma: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare‚ÄĚ. The conference agenda involves interactive panel discussions, keynote presentations, and specialized sessions. Key areas of focus include the Future of Pharma R&D, Industrial Pharmacy and Physical Drugstore, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Drug Discovery and Development, the Pharma and Biotech Financial Outlook, and more.¬†

2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

October, 13-16, Orlando, FL, USA + Online

The event aims to discuss the growing impact of emerging technologies, treatment methods, and digital innovations (AI and ML) within the pharmaceutical sector, namely on organizational readiness and the workforce of the future. The conference’s technical sessions will give insight into the latest advancements in supply chain management, operations, infrastructure, and regulatory affairs. Additionally, it will highlight the role of data science and advanced technologies in shaping the future of product development, manufacturing systems, and quality assurance.

Events for Telecom Industry Professionals

The European 5G Conference 2024

January, 30-31, Brussels, Belgium

The event gives a chance to learn from influential policymakers and industry leaders on topics like investment, security, emerging business paradigms, sustainability, and connectivity. The participants will receive updates on advancements towards the 2030 ‘Path to the Digital Decade’ objectives. By reflecting on lessons learned and projecting toward advancements like 5G Advanced and 6G, the conference will give an understanding of the fundamental policy aspects impacting Europe’s 5G ecosystem.

Wireless Telecommunications Symposium

April, 10-12, Oakland, CA, USA

The symposium brings together leaders and specialists from across the globe to discuss the latest advancements in mobile communications and wireless networking technology, management, applications, policies, and security. Its main subject is “Global Wireless Communications: Theory and Practice.” The program of the symposium will involve:

  • Engaging talks and presentations by industry leaders and researchers in wireless communications;
  • Interactive panel discussions, in-depth tutorials, and workshops;
  • Presentations of academic and practitioner research papers.

Network Automation & AI, Defining the Roadmap for the Telco of the Future 

April, 16-17, London, UK

The event brings together the world’s foremost telecom executives to delve into the strategic and commercial priorities of the present-day digital world as well as future network considerations. At the 2024 event, the attendees will have:

  • Over 10 hours of networking;
  • Insights from 100+ influential speakers, including top CTOs;
  • Executive-level interactions through CSP Roundtables;
  • Awards & Networking Party honoring achievements in network automation and AI;
  • An Expo with tech demonstrations, client consultations, and Artisan Barista coffee.

2024 UTC Telecom and Technology Conference 

May, 20-24, Mobile, AL, USA

The UTC Annual Conference gathers hundreds of information and communications technology professionals and technology partners. Each day of the event will provide the attendees with an opportunity to learn from practicing international experts. The conference encompasses pre-event training sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, specialized summits, and a comprehensive four-day educational program covering all sides of the ICT sector. 

TelecomsWorld Middle East

May, 28-29, Dubai, UAE

The event consists of a conference, exhibition, and networking, and brings together the region’s most forward-thinking professionals in the telecommunications sector. The topics covered at the conference involve virtualization, programmable networks, 5G advancements, the Internet-of-Everything, cloud-native networks, edge computing, network security, giga-speed infrastructure, and more.¬†

EuCNC & 6G Summit

June, 3-6, Antwerp, Belgium 

The event embraces two telecommunications conferences, the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) and the 6G Summit, and is supported by the IEEE Communications Society, the European Association for Signal Processing, and the European Association on Antennas and Propagation. The conference focuses on the full spectrum of telecommunications, from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to the exploration of 6G and future communications systems and networks. The event brings together over 900 participants from more than 40 countries globally. Alongside discussions, the event features an exhibition with over 50 exhibitors, showcasing technological innovations, particularly those emerging from EU R&I initiatives.

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