Looking for a few tips on how to be a good project manager? Stay on track with the cutting-edge technologies and decide what fits your multi-project environment best.

Explore five unique benefits of using Epicflow, web-based resource management software, independently or in tandem with your critical chain project management solutions, and find out more about features that will help you improve team performance.

According to Virtual Project Consulting’s review of Epicflow, it’s a unique project monitoring system.

Epicflow is the next generation of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) software, offering capacity buffers for resources in addition to time buffers. It approaches project management from the perspective of resource availability, as this is the most effective way to avert the risk of overload and release bottlenecks as soon as they appear. The key benefit of the Epicflow resource management tool is that it creates perfect flow by helping business leaders create effort-based workloads and set priorities. 

Here are some more benefits of Using Epicflow, the next-gen multi-project management tool based on the Critical Chain Project Management principles.

  1. Epicflow provides visibility into team members’ performance as well as the state of all projects in the portfolio.
  2. Thanks to prioritization, Epicflow puts things right in a multi-project environment, reduces waste, and simplifies planning.
  3. It increases team members’ productivity and efficiency thanks to wise resource planning and effort-based workloads.
  4. Thanks to Epicflow’s mobile version, you can keep control of the project processes wherever you are.

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