AI Task Management Software

Task List

Roadmap for Project Teams and Information Point for Project Leaders

Task List is an essential component of resource management in Epicflow AI task management software and a powerful instrument for project teams.

It’s a catalog of assignments ordered by priority across all the project portfolio, which is calculated automatically by machine learning algorithms based on all project-related data in real time.

Make your resources focused on the most important parts of your projects.

Eliminate bad multi-tasking by providing your people with their daily "to-do lists".

Ensure task data transparency by gathering all related information about assignments in one place.

Main Functions
of the AI Task Management Tool

Project planning gets significantly simplified with the Epicflow AI task management software: priorities between tasks are automatically calculated according to the resource dependency between projects and are recalculated in real time if any changes occur.

In such a way, a project/resource/portfolio manager and the team are always in the know of what goes first and what comes next in the flow.

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Task List Tabs

In every tab of this AI task management tool, you can see essential information about tasks and assignees from different perspectives: Personal, Group, or Custom (Meeting view).

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Personal Tab

This tab is your daily to-do list with additional information about your assignments.
The tasks are divided into categories here:

  • In progress
  • On hold
  • Ready to start
  • Upcoming
  • Recently completed
  • Not ready to start
  • Not estimated

You can check a parent path for each task, a project an assignment belongs to, its status, and remaining hours.

Meeting View Tab

This is a customized view of AI tool for task management, where you can select users for a meeting to discuss their progress, current and upcoming workload. Here, all tasks are divided into categories, too. You can switch between users in the list to examine each member’s assignments and progress.

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Group Tab

Parent Path contains the name of the summary the task belongs to and its description.
Task Priority number shows a task’s importance by figures from 0 to 100. The figures above 100 show the number of the delay by days

Timeline view

Timeline view presents each task’s time frames in the Pipeline that show the period when the task should be done (starting from the earliest date and ending with the latest date possible).

Full Timeline view

Here you can check not only time frames but also all task-related data (projects, assignments, hours) right in the Pipeline above the timeline bars.

Full Timeline + Load Analysis on the Future Load graph

In this view, you can explore time frames and essential task-related data and check the load of your resources. You can open a Future Load graph just in the Group tab and check the workload of your resources. Load analysis also provides an opportunity to examine the tasks and projects that are overloading your resources. Here you can also enable Inactive Analysis to predict the load inactive projects will put on your resources upon their initiation.

Full Timeline + Future Load graph + Bottleneck Analysis

With this view, you can see task execution time frames, all related data, examine the load, detect bottlenecks, and eliminate them. You can sort resources by overload/underload, which makes it easy to detect bottlenecks and resolve them. All this in the single view for your maximum convenience and efficiency.

Related Features

realated features 01

Task Card

In any tab of the Task List page, you can choose a task and go to a Task Card to see even more details about it: stage, sprint, release, competences, summary, budget, description, tags, comments, baseline data, and more.

realated features 02

Resource Allocation Advisor

From this page, you can enable a Resource Allocation Advisor, which is part of Competence Management feature of Epicflow, to find the best resource for the task based on the required competence levels.

Use Cases

Epicflow helps companies across industries address project management challenges and get the desired business outcomes.

Epicflow clients from the Telecom, Machine Building, and Defence industries witness the following improvements in their project environments:

case 01

mobile telecommunications

A Dutch telecom company KPN has improved deliverability and efficiency by 62% and 21% respectively with Epicflow.

case 02

medical service

Epicflow has helped VieCuri Medical Center meet their strategic goals.

case 03

Metal Company

A metal company Arnold AG has got a true increase of throughput without extra labour cost thanks to Epicflow.

case 04


Epicflow has made it possible for a telecom company TKF increase project delivery by 200% and decrease lead time by 50% with the same number of resources.

case 04

Defense indursturies

Epicflow has helped a UK defense company’s department
to increase its revenue by 10% without any investments, 
just by reorganizing resources’ work.

case 04

Software development

Epicflow has helped to connect the IT department of a large US pharmaceutical company with its management and ensure a structured and well-organized workflow.

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