Are you thinking of attending an event to gain new knowledge, find out recent trends in your industry, share your experience with colleagues, or network with leading experts in your industry? You are welcome to choose the one to attend next year: in 2022, there’s going to be a number of conferences, gatherings, symposia, and other events both on- and offline. Read further to find the most suitable one for yourself.    

Online Events

Project management

January 19-21 Project Management Professional Days is a conference held by Project Management Institute in France for students who want to understand the job of a project manager better, prepare for their career path, or find out their career prospects in project management. Also, this event will allow students to communicate with HR representatives from French and international companies and look for career opportunities. 

Pricing: available upon registration

 February 9 Festival of Education and Research held by Association for Project Management combines the educational conference and celebratory awards ceremony, which will be interesting for the project management community. Currently, they recruit judges for the Festival.

Pricing: information not yet available 

May 5-6 Virtual Project Management Symposium is the event for project management professionals from the US and all over the world to share their knowledge and experience on trending topics, academic research results, case studies, etc. 

Pricing: information not yet available

May 24-27 PMBA Global is the conference that invites project managers and business analysts to acquire new skills and techniques, learn from industry experts and innovators, and expand their professional network. Interactive virtual platform will include educational sessions, workshops, and networking. 

Pricing: from 325 USD

Innovation, Digital Transformation, Industries

January 18 HybridCloud Congress is the event that brings together cloud specialists, programme managers, heads of innovation, CIOs, and other related experts who are going to present the advantages of unifying public and private cloud services for creating an effective IT infrastructure. Here are some key topics to be covered at the congress: tips to optimize your hybrid cloud management, delivering a better customer experience with hybrid cloud, how to secure and govern your hybrid cloud, and more. 

Pricing: available upon registration

hybrid cloud congress

April 12-13 American Biomanufacturing Summit is a senior-level conference and networking event in the biopharmaceutical industry. It aims to provide executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, capacity management, quality assurance, supply chain logistics, etc. The topics of the summit will be divided into three sections: Manufacturing and Technology, Supply Chain and Logistics, Quality and Compliance. 

Pricing: available upon registration

May 10-11 Finnovex Europe is a summit that encourages multi-stakeholder dialogues that explore how innovations transform the financial ecosystem, and what risks and opportunities could emerge from the changes in the way financial services are designed, delivered and consumed. Panel discussions, keynote presentations, and roundtable discussions will focus on the following topics: Building agile banks for an unpredictable world; Exponential banking: The open finance paradigm; New banking ecosystem – a game changer for open banking models; and more.  

Pricing: available upon registration

July 12-13 Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference is the event designed for technology providers: the conference will provide the attendees with practical advice on growth strategy, identifying product and marketing opportunities, insights on customer needs and buyer behavior, and more. 

Pricing: available upon registration

In-Person Events

Project Management

January 24-25, San Diego, USA 2022 Healthcare Project Delivery Conference is the event where healthcare professionals share their experience in applying innovations for overcoming project management challenges: limited resources, risk management, timely project delivery, and more. The conference program will include keynotes, project delivery workshops, best practices panel sessions, and other activities. 

Pricing: from 495 USD

February 27 – March 1, Queensland, Australia Forward with Purpose, the national conference held by Australian Institute of Project Management, is the annual event for project management professionals from Australia and Asia who want to gain knowledge, share their experience, and discuss the future beyond the COVID-19 crisis. 

Pricing: from 970 USD

March 14-15, Gothenburg, Sweden Passion for Projects is Scandinavia’s largest congress for project, portfolio and program leaders arranged by Project Management Institute in Sweden. Lectures and practical exercises will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in various areas of project management.    

Pricing: information not yet available

May 19-20, Cracow, Poland ACE! is the largest regional conference in Central Europe that will cover two areas of focus – Agile Software Development and Product Design & Management. The first area will involve topics related to Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, System Thinking, and other methods for improving the software development process. Another area of focus will cover Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking and Customer Development topics. 

Pricing: from 330 EUR + 23% VAT

July 18-22, Nashville, USA Agile 2022 is the annual conference organized by Agile Alliance; the purpose of the conference is to explore and advance Agile values and principles, provide an opportunity for Agilists from around the globe to share their ideas, learn about latest practices in Agile software development, and make new connections.  

Pricing: from 1,499 USD

October 6, London, UK Future PMO is an informative and inspiring conference that brings together project management practitioners of all levels from all over the globe. What is special about it is that it balances serious dialogues with fun and informal environment. The conference’s motivational speakers and interactive workshops will provide opportunities for personal and professional development as well as inspiring communication with your PMO peers.  

Pricing: from 295 GBP

Business and Leadership

January 20-22, Munich, Germany Bits & Pretzels is Europe’s leading festival Founders for founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts who come together to learn from founders of the world’s leading companies, share their ideas and achievements, and network.

Pricing: available upon registration

March 14-16, Las Vegas, USA HR Transform 2022 with speakers from the world’s top companies (Adobe, Facebook, Airbnb, and others) will be relevant for business and people leaders, entrepreneurs, or investors who’d like to learn from innovators and senior executives and find out the latest industry trends in leadership, entrepreneurship, and investing.

Pricing: from 1,395 USD

May 22-25, Orlando, USA EntreLeadership Summit is a leadership conference aiming to bring new ideas to your business and leadership. The participants will have an opportunity to learn from top CEOs, thought leaders, and business owners who will share their knowledge on organizational culture development, employee engagement, business development, and more. 

Pricing: available upon registration

Innovation and Digital Transformation

February 14-17, Orlando, USA Accelerating Industrial Digital Transformation and Sustainability is the 26th Annual ARC Industry Forum for those who want to find out how industries and organizations adapt to the new standards of post-covid world. The following topics are going to be discussed: AI and Machine Learning, Asset Performance Management, Automation Innovations, Digital Workforce and Culture, Cybersecurity for the Connected Industrial World. For those who won’t be able to attend the forum, the virtual versions of it will be provided.  

Pricing: from 495 USD 

March 14-17, Orlando, USA Gartner Data and Analytics Summit is a conference for CDOs, CAOs, and senior data and analytics and business leaders. The following tracks will be involved in the conference: Leadership and Business, Business Strategy and Value, Data and Analytics Architecture, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning, and more.   

Pricing: available upon registration

May 10-12, Copenhagen, Denmark Innovation Roundtable Summit Spring 2022 is the event for innovation leaders from different industries. The program of the summit includes presentations of inspiring leaders and experts, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities. The following topics will be covered: Digital Innovation and Business Transformation; Agile Organization, Culture and Leadership for Innovation; Startup Collaboration, and more.   

Pricing: from 1,500 EUR

Events for Industry Professionals

January 10-11, Hong Kong Asian Financial Forum 2022 welcomes global leaders in finance, government, and business to share their insights and expertise, learn from thought leaders, network with peers and find out latest fintech innovations. 

Pricing: available upon registration

January 10-13, Oslo, Norway Nor-Shipping 2022 is the meeting where top experts and recognized maritime industry players will share their ideas, views, and expertise concerning current challenges in the industry and ways of addressing them. The conference will include seminars, keynote speeches, panel discussions, etc. that will help the attendees steer the course for industry development. 

Pricing: from 500 NOK

March 23-25, Pasadena, USA AeroTech Conference and Exhibition offers an opportunity to find solutions to address current challenges in the aerospace industry with colleagues, industry experts and top suppliers, to share the lessons learned and best practices, and present cutting-edge research results. The following issues are going to be discussed at the conference: Environment and Sustainable Aviation, Safety and Human Factors, Cybersecurity / Cyber-Physical Security, Aircraft Systems, Flight and Systems Engineering, and others. You can participate in the conference in two ways: by submitting your papers topical issues within the above-mentioned topics or by attending the conference and exhibition in person. In addition, the participants will get access to technical papers and video presentations on demand. 

Pricing: available upon registration


June 22-25, Bangkok, Thailand Automotive Manufacturing 2022 is a comprehensive international event offering numerous opportunities for automotive industry professionals seeking to enhance automotive parts manufacturing as well as business representatives who want to run their business more efficiently. As part of the event, there will be conferences delivering up-to-date knowledge, networking opportunities with industry partners, seminars, international roadshows, exhibitions, and more. It will also be relevant for those engaged in management, procurement, production, engineering quality, equipment manufacturing, and other areas.  

Pricing: available upon registration

The full list of 2022 events presented in a super-handy format will be available in November, so don’t miss our updates! Besides, if you hold an event that will be interesting for our readers, you can suggest it to us, and we will include it into the updated list.