Crozdesk, one of the top software review platforms, has named Epicflow a top resource management tool in its latest software buyer guide. Epicflow is also named as a “product leader,” meaning that it focuses on a niche and might disrupt the market. Epicflow is built for managing multiple projects and is based on years of research. We’re happy to be recognized as a leader in our niche.

The Crozdesk algorithm analyzes hundreds of business management applications across 200 categories and assesses them based on their features and quality. This algorithm is based on an automated predictive scoring system that implements machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. It analyzes data and performance, software solution maturity, user satisfaction, and competitive features.


Crozdesk previously recognized Epicflow as a Challenger because of our fast response to market needs. Yet within several months, we’ve strengthened our position on the market. Epicflow is now among the top 5 product leaders, with an 84% rating for “how good this software is.”

Epicflow is multi-project management software that helps companies from the manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, automotive, health care, and IT industries efficiently allocate shared pools of resources to finish projects on time and within budget. It can easily integrate with MS Project and Jira (even working with both at the same time), tuning these programs for multi-project management.

Epicflow has been built to overcome the top pains of complex environments connected with project and task dependencies, shared pools of resources, wrong task priorities, lack of visibility, poor resource allocation, and poor team performance.

Would you like to learn more about Epiclow’s features?

  • A Pipeline with a Gantt Chart view shows all your projects and milestones in one place.
  • What-If Analysis lets you run multiple simulations in parallel and compare various plan and schedule alternatives based on changing conditions.
  • Graphs – Historical Load, Future Load, Burnup – help you reach optimal workload/output.
  • The Dashboard, a modern dynamic Fever Chart, shows project statuses and progress.
  • The Task List automatically prioritizes tasks based on demand.
  • Resource Management tool helps you organize resource groups in various ways.
  • The Timesheet allows you to track, manage, and report on employee hours.

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Epicflow clients create the most advanced products you can imagine, and we’re proud to help outstanding companies make great ideas happen faster! Recently, Lightyear launched their first solar electric car. This gorgeous car can go for 725 km (450 miles) on a single charge, launching a new era of electric vehicles. Using Epicflow for their project management, Lightyear managed to release their dream eco-car right on the planned date!

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Another client of ours – TKF, a Dutch company with 85 years of experience producing building, industrial, and telecommunications solutions for the construction industry – has announced astonishing results from working with Epicflow: their output doubled. Hans de Boer, Director of R&D at TKF, told us: “We increased our output by 200% and reduced lead time by 50% in 2 years.”

Such cases prove that Epicflow is worthy of being listed among the top resource management software tools in 2019 and deserves the title of “product leader.” Check out a short interview with the founders of Epicflow explaining why companies choose our software to reach their goals faster.

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