Microsoft Project, or MS Project, is one of the most popular project management software solutions today. However, there are some essential features MS Project doesn’t have. If you have experience working with this tool, you can probably relate to most of these problems, poor risk management being among them. Our Epicflow team has analyzed the main problems you might face when working with MS Project and has come up with easy solutions that will help you manage projects more efficiently and successfully.

No risk management

Lack of risk management functionality in your project management software is bad for your business; after all, managing risk is one of the most important factors in securing a project’s success according to recent research by Wellingtone. Risk management strategies help you to predict bottlenecks and deal with them before they impact your workflow. In order to tackle this problem, you should use software that offers risk management functionality, such as Epicflow. This tool not only identifies risks but runs simulations to see what risks may appear throughout your project.

No constraint identification and resolution

If your company is using MS Project, you may have faced situations when problems went unnoticed and ruined your projects simply because you didn’t know something was wrong. This can happen because MS Project doesn’t have a feature for identifying bottlenecks in real time and offering solutions to them. In cases where time isn’t an issue, you can identify problems manually using various charts. However, if time is essential, you can get a software tool that identifies problems and generates solutions automatically.

No easy plan updates

Quite often, project plans change and you need to make adjustments in your software accordingly. One of the most challenging things about MS Project is that there are no easy ways to update plans. If something unexpected happens, you can’t make project adjustments easily. In Epicflow, on the other hand, you can update your plan in two clicks. We understand how unpredictable projects can be, which is why we’ve made it possible for you to plan updates in a matter of seconds.

No identification of high-risk tasks

As a project manager, you want to always be in full control of your projects and their progress. It’s essential to be able to see if tasks are at risk. Sadly, MS Project hasn’t introduced such a feature yet, which makes it rather outdated for efficiently managing modern projects. If you aren’t aware that tasks are at risk, it’s quite challenging to prevent project failure. With Epicflow, you get immediate alerts if tasks are at risk, giving you an opportunity to act fast and manage bottlenecks in a timely manner.

No functionality for running multiple complex projects

At present, there are a rather limited number of project management software solutions suitable for multi-project environments. If you work at a company that handles several projects at the same time, MS Project will be problematic since it doesn’t have features for combining numerous projects, especially if you want to use the same resources across them. To overcome this challenge, you might consider Epicflow, which integrates with MS Project and gives you the option of managing multiple projects at the same time using just one tool.

No progress updates

Many PMs complain that MS Project doesn’t provide progress updates, which means that you don’t always know what’s going on with your projects while they’re in progress. Naturally, as a business leader, you want to be in full control of project developments, which is why this feature is essential. Epicflow gives you access to project progress by showing the percentage of tasks completed and yet to be completed. The Bubble Graph analyzes project progress and provides you with instant access to real-time data.

Epicflow was designed to be an innovative tool for the world of multi-project management. When developing Epicflow, our PM researchers analyzed the drawbacks of other software solutions and made sure to find out what modern business leaders are looking for in good software. Please, provide your contact information in the form below to request an Epicflow demonstration. One of our PM consultants will contact you to arrange a meeting and show you how to mitigate project risks with Epicflow.