Project management involves work with various types of projects. Despite that every project is unique with its combination of activities, people, constraints, external factors, etc., it can also have similar features with other projects. Accordingly, there are multiple classifications of projects: they can be classified by complexity, objectives, content, industry or other parameters.

When it comes to project management challenges, some of them will be peculiar to a certain type of projects (e.g. the field of information technology is characterized by high-speed progress, so when managing IT projects you should be ready to adjust to changes quickly). The ways of handling these typical challenges will also be different for each type. However, there are common project management challenges that are likely to arise in any type of projects: e.g. unclear goals, changing requirements, unsupportive stakeholders, and others. These challenges are mostly caused by improper organization of work on a project, human factor, lack of effective interaction between project participants, etc.

To be able to manage this diversity of projects successfully, you should take into account all the specific parameters of a project you are dealing with, whether it be specific context of a certain industry or people involved in a project. In addition, there are some universally applicable project management techniques that can bring you much closer to successful project delivery.    

For this infographic, we’ve chosen classification of projects according to their content, so it shows both content-specific challenges and the ones that are common for all these projects.

illustrates challenges in various types of projects

Of course, every particular challenge in any type of projects should be considered and addressed individually. But being aware of these typical challenges and ways of dealing with them can become the basis of your successful project delivery.    

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