22, March – Project managers and business thinkers who are interested in new project management trends and practices gathered at the Project Management in Practice conference in Ljubljana. One of the co-creators of Epicflow, Jan Willem Tromp, was honored to give a workshop and a keynote about the complexity of managing multi-project environments and multi-teaming. Here are the best highlights of the event.

What differs this conference from other events for project leaders? Firstly, Ljubljana and its residents are blossoming this season, so it’s best to visit Slovenia in spring. Secondly, organizers dedicated this event to the most challenging parts of multi-project management such as multi-teaming, resource allocation conflicts, and project delays. Running multiple ongoing projects with a shared pool of resources is the new PM reality that the conference speakers couldn’t but explore. The speakers agreed that it’s high time to equip yourself with a proper adaptable solution to assist you with identifying, executing, and sustaining definite assets. Jan Willem has more than 20 years of experience in this domain. He is a PhD candidate at the Open University in the Netherlands, in Heerlen, where he is investigating what is happening to employees while new project management tools are being implemented by management.


project management conference in Slovenia

Ljubljana is the European Green Capital


The main idea of Jan Willem’s keynote was that current project management methodologies prove weak against the complexity of today’s environment, though being very effective in single project environments. He shared his findings with the participants and advised them how to move project mountains in extreme and complex conditions by using intelligent project management software.

What PM solutions are on the ball? The recent Dutch invention in the project management domain – Epicflow – may become an excellent addition to solve the challenges of multi-project environments. The software’s functionality is equal to the potential of several project managers, but with its help, you can get more benefits than you expect without switching to another solution:

Does Epicflow replace MS Project or Jira? No. We decided not to replace them because these systems are of high value to so many of our customers. Our customers have been using these tools for years – especially the sprints and the backlog in Jira. We integrated Epicflow into MS Project and/or Jira. It makes these tools powerful because our customers can still work in their own environment, but if they’re multi-teaming, they can add the extra functionality with this software and get extra value. Jan Willem Tromp

Thanks to the organizers and participants. We’d love to visit the European Green Capital again. To find more about the Epicflow’s powerhouse of algorithms, don’t miss our webinars.


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Jan Willem Tromp gives a workshop on the complexity of managing multi-project environments


Jan Willem Tromp is a Dutch researcher, consultant, and blogger in the domain of multi-project management. Tromp is a partner at Goldratt Implementation Group Europe C.V., a co-creator of Epicflow project management software.