Integration with Jira

Many organizations around the world rely on Jira as a source of their business data. We at Epicflow have designed an integration with Jira to make sure that not only you get to safely transfer your information but to let you work in the environment you’re familiar with while also being able to use the key features of Epicflow to improve your project delivery.

To give you a brief understanding of how this integration works, here’s what data you have to verify before connecting Jira to Epicflow:

  • Tasks and their dependency network verification 
  • A rough time and cost estimate of each task
  • Resource groups assigned to complete each task or Components identification for each task
  • Projects, epics and versions deadlines where applicable
  • Create a separate account for JIRA integration
  • Grant access for the created account to a required scope of projects
  • (Optional) If you would like to have Epicflow updated in real time mode also add account to the groups “administrators” and “site-admins”. Otherwise JIRA to Epicflow update will be done on an hour basis.