Time goes by; new technologies promise more and more; yet somehow projects still fail at an alarming rate. According to a recent study by Wellingtone, only 37 percent of teams deliver projects on time more often than not. An analogous IBM study shows a similar trend: only 40% of projects meet their quality goals, budget, and deadlines. These results show that business success is at great risk, with some projects being doomed to fail before they even start. Continue reading to learn the top drivers of success that can protect your project from failure.


Delivery-Enabling Plans

When a project starts, it’s hardly likely that the project manager is passionate about seeing it fail. Nevertheless, at least one out of four projects ends in fiasco for rather cliché reasons: time or money. That’s why you need to design realistic and delivery-enabling plans. Clear goals and achievable targets are what define successful project management. You need to have ready project-related calculations in environments where the project status changes several times per day. Albert Ponsteen, the co-founder of Epicflow, offers a viable solution for developing delivery-enabling plans: We can calculate projects based on required effort or based on due dates you have to meet. This part is totally automated. Epicflow facilitates the entire planning process. Why risk the fate of your project if you can have a machine do the planning for you automatically?






Agile Change Control

The world of project management is ever-changing, and a competent manager needs to be flexible with regard to new statuses, scopes of work, and deadlines. Speed, durability, and flexibility are imperative: these qualities make change control efficient. If you’re unable to keep up, you’ll lag behind the most successful companies and undermine your company’s well-being. Naturally, being an active player requires quite a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t have the support of a powerful software tool. Thus, it’s quite reasonable to rely on a system that can show you real-time project progress and make your dynamic environment stable and predictable. Epicflow helps you face uncertainties and offers solutions that allow you to react immediately.


High-Performing Teams

Project success is highly dependent on team performance and resource planning. Our experience shows that overload leads to decreased output and project delays. Even one overloaded employee may affect the whole project by blocking each subsequent job, which may cause a chain of delays and even ruin the final deadline. Jan Willem Tromp, a co-founder of Epicflow, warns that “an overloaded employee is the most dangerous threat project managers can experience, as one person can delay all projects.” You might say easier said than done, yet with modern software solutions, high-quality team management is possible. For example, Epicflow helps you improve the output of your teams by optimizing workloads and setting clear priorities. This will lead to higher output for your business with the same number of employees.





Active Quality Management

Recent Wellingtone studies have named attempting to run several projects simultaneously as the top challenge for project leaders. In multi-project environments, there are tens of tasks being performed at the same time and tens of overlapping projects. This makes it challenging to prioritize projects and tasks effectively and to know what task combination can secure project success. Jan Willem Tromp explains that management has difficulty prioritizing the work for their employees.” Considering the nature of the multi-project roller coaster, you need to be tactical and farsighted, able to prioritize tasks and predict potential constraints before they even appear. Epicflow can help you be a proactive manager who’s aware of trouble before it becomes reality. Epicflow designs what-if scenarios and simulations, preparing you for surprises even if there are ten projects under your charge. Furthermore, it gives you the exact combination of priorities to follow for all projects to end in success.


Managed Risks and Opportunities

Last but not least, risk management is also a fundamental element of project success. There’s no way your project can be risk-free, which means that predicting, mitigating, and eliminating risks must be part of your daily job. Considering the damage unexpected risks can inflict on your project, we recommend looking for the most efficient options for managing risks. We’ve discovered that real-time monitoring helps project leaders be ready for any risks and make the best decisions. With its innovative technology and algorithms, Epicflow can be a life-saver in your risk mitigation process, showing you future resource constraints in real-time and how to fix them.


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