We’re happy to announce that Epicflow has been named the application of the week by ForConstructionPros — a leading news portal for the construction industry. Check out how next-gen resource planning with Epicflow keeps construction projects on schedule.


Construction professionals kept adopting the latest trends in construction management in 2018, but the sector still has work to do to keep up with digital transformation. According to McKinsey, the construction sector is worth more than $10 trillion a year, yet remains behind many other sectors in terms of adopting new digital trends. Automated resource management systems can save builders from paper forms and spreadsheets and advance organizations to the next level.


Experts who want to overcome construction management challenges and deliver projects on schedule and within budget should take a look at Epicflow. This software provides stakeholders with real-time data on available resources and shows where they’re needed. With Epicflow, re-planning and rescheduling are fast and simple, as it brings harmony to the shop floor.


Epicflow functionality helps managers of construction projects to allocate resources efficiently and avoid common causes of project failure


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With its Pipeline, Epicflow lets project professionals synchronize data across all construction sites and indicate with red flags where they may be behind schedule. It reduces project risks and allows managers to take preventive actions right away. What-If Analysis shows what will happen if things continue as they’re currently going.


The Epicflow Bubble Graph gives a bird’s-eye view on how closely a project is sticking to the schedule, while the Historical Load graph presents group performance, capacity, load, and output over time. The Future Load graph is tailored to fix bottlenecks by revealing the causes of constraints and the spare capacity of resource groups. The Task List automatically calculates task priorities for all tasks across all construction projects in real time. Epicflow’s mobile app gives access to real-time updates anytime and anywhere.



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Epicflow can be used as a standalone app or integrated with MS Project, MS Excel, and Primavera, upgrading them for multi-project environments. The combination of all these features is why Epicflow has been rated by the leading construction industry news portal as one of the best pieces of software for construction management. Book a live demonstration by filling out the form below.