Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? The list of international events presented in this paper involves the ones covering not only project and portfolio management challenges but also relevant topics of construction, engineering, product development, and more. Go on reading to choose the most suitable meetups to boost your occupation-related knowledge and skills!

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2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria 

project management conferences taking place in Austria in 2020

March 16-17, Vienna — The Digital Leadership Forum will bring together experts from top companies including Stiegl, Suntory, A.P. Moller – Maersk, and FIFA to exchange their opinions and discoveries regarding digital trends including topics on stakeholder management, content strategy, marketing automation, AI in PM, mobile business, and many other up-to-date topics. Learn about digital transformation, engagement strategies for employees and management, and how to manage stakeholders in digital projects. Please, keep in mind that the conference is advertisement-free. 

Pricing: starting from 1,195 EUR

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May 7, Vienna — HAPPYPROJECTS 20 “Mindset & Methoden” invites project leaders and academic researchers to take part in the conference that involves 16 lectures, 4 exhibitor presentations, 6 workshops, and 1 open session to discuss project management methods of going agile and the ways of setting a new mindset in PM.

Pricing: 590 EUR + 20% VAT

Project Management Conferences in Australia 2020

project management conferences taking place in Australia in 2020

February 19-21, Sydney — The Seventh PMO Leadership Forum gathers PM experts of different levels to learn successful case studies on determining, evaluating, and broadcasting your PMO value, as well as examine strategies to improve your project delivery and PM processes in general, embrace digital transformation journey, and more.

Pricing: starting from 499 USD

February 24, Adelaide — 1st Conference is dedicated to the heart of Agile to bring its best principles to your organization. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to listen to world speakers on the topic, get insights from local community experts in the field and participate in practical workshops. After the conference, you can stay for the networking function. 

Pricing: starting from 375 USD

February 28, Melbourne — 1st Conference is organized for those who are thinking of implementing Agile principles to their businesses. This is going to be a day full of activities covering theoretical and practical aspects of Agile methodology realization.

Pricing: starting from 375 USD

November 22-24, Gold Coast — AIPM Conference is an annual event for project management experts willing to improve their knowledge and skills in the field and share their experience with fellow peers.   

Pricing: not yet available

2020 Project Management Conferences in Canada 

project management conferences taking place in Canada in 2020

May 25–28, Toronto — ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld opens up a lot of opportunities for project managers and business analysts thanks to 30+ speakers highlighting important topics of PM and 40+ educational sessions to improve and practice your knowledge and skills. Join and learn the latest trends in project management, communication, and leadership. 

Pricing: starting from 685.80 USD

2020 Project Management Conferences in France 

project management conferences taking place in France in 2020

February 21–22, Paris — International Conference on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management is another event from the International Research Conference organization aiming to connect scientists from all over the world to consider Lean Six Sigma and PM challenges and suggest brand-new solutions and ideas.   

Pricing: starting from 250 EUR 

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March 11, Paris — La Conf provides a great opportunity for product owners, managers, and designers to meet up and discuss this year’s main topic — #SkinInTheGame — with 10 hours of conversations and sessions by world-famous speakers: Jeff Patton, Amy Jo Kim, John Cutler, and others. Besides, Smart Scrum Product Ownership workshop will be also held by Jeff Patton and Jeff Gothelf.

Pricing: starting from 300 EUR

June 4, Paris — La Product Conf will bring together 800 product owners, managers, and designers, as well as CEOs and CPOs who will share their experiences in product management. On the official website of the event, you can learn more about the previous conference, its speakers, and watch last year’s performances.

Pricing: available upon request

June 25–26, Paris — International Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management is a set of scientific events aiming to help researchers and scholars make a common contribution to the development of construction engineering and project management fields. The organizers encourage everyone being interested in these areas to take part in this global event that also includes an interdisciplinary platform for practitioners and educators to discuss current trends, challenges, and problems of modern PM and CE. 

Pricing: starting from 250 EUR

November 18-19, Paris — 4th Open Innovation Summit is organized to bring together experts from all over the world to exchange ideas and experience in the field of OI. The following topics are going to be covered during the summit: working with metrics for OI impact assessment, intellectual property issues of protecting innovations, creating OI platforms, etc. To learn more, register and become a listener or a participant of one of the most insightful events of 2020 for business leaders.

Pricing: starting from 1,195 EUR

2020 Project Management Conferences in Germany 

project management conferences taking place in Germany in 2020

February 27-28, Munich — Manufacturing Excellence & Process Innovation Summit suggests you joining an international meetup dedicated to innovations in the field of manufacturing. It will be interesting for a wide range of specialists from various areas like project management, automation, manufacturing, IT, logistics, and more. This event opens up an opportunity to gain new acquaintances and exchange ideas on digitalization issues, cybersecurity, smart and lean manufacturing.

Pricing: starting from 1,195 EUR.

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April 23-24, Berlin — Enterprise Risk Management Summit invites experts dealing with risk analysis and management, cyber risks and security, digital transformation and more to take part in the conference where all possible enterprise risk challenges and ways to manage them will be highlighted. It’s an opportunity to learn more and study from cases, share experience in the risk management field, and embrace new approaches. 

Pricing: available upon request. 

May 13-14, Munich — The 3rd Portfolio and Project Management Summit invites experts specializing in project & portfolio management, product and capacity management, IT and marketing, strategic planning, agile development to take part in the event touching upon challenges of PMO in a company, AI in PM, conflict resolution in PM, project leadership, and more! Become a participant in a relevant event that will help you to explore related issues in the field of portfolio and project management.

Pricing: starting from 1,195 EUR.

June 16-17, Frankfurt — The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference suggests a unique opportunity to join the community of professionals to share ideas in the field and discuss topics of cloud management and security, leadership development, automation, machine learning and many more! Leading Gartner experts — Tiny Haynes (Sr Director Analyst), David Cappuccio (distinguished VP analyst), Philip Dawson (VP Analyst), Katherine Lord (Vp Analyst) are among 2020 speakers. This event is a must for any business leader.

2020 project management conference organized by Gartner

Pricing: starting from 2,200 EUR + VAT

October 26-30, Berlin GOTO Berlin is an annual global event being held in various European countries for experts in the field of software development. It’s the conference for developers organized by developers supporting the idea of education throughout life.

Pricing: not available yet (Last year pricing: starting from 550 USD)

2020 Project Management Conferences in India 

project management conferences taking place in India in 2020

February 6-7, Mumbai International Conference on Software Project and Risk Management ICSPRM is a global interdisciplinary meeting aiming to showcase innovations and challenge resolutions in the field of Project and Risk Management. The conference topics include project and resource management, software development and management, PM tools and techniques, risk management issues, and more.

Pricing: starting from 250 USD

March 15-22, Bangalore — Agile India is an annual conference covering more than 30 sessions and gathering about 1600 people from 30 countries. This community-organized event will host speakers from Microsoft and Lloyds Banking Group to deliver insights on design innovation, DevOps and continuous delivery, and business agility. Keynote speakers include Amy Jo Kim – Game Designer, Entrepreneur, Startup Coach at ShuffleBrain, Anita Sengupta – Professor of Astronautics at USC, Chief Product Officer and Vice President at ASX, Chad Fowler – CTO at Microsoft and others. 

Pricing: starting from 7000 Rs (~$98)

2020 Project Management Conferences in the Netherlands 

project management conferences taking place in Holland in 2020

April 1-3, Amsterdam — The Global Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Project Management Forum is a significant global event for leaders working in energy, oil and gas industries. Attend this conference to discover the latest trends and challenges in these fields and share your experience with your colleagues. 

Pricing: 2899 EUR

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June 8-11, Amsterdam — GOTO Amsterdam invites you to participate in an annual software development event organized for those whose life is closely connected with software development. Go to Amsterdam to get insights from the best representatives of the world’s software community!

Pricing: not available yet (Last year pricing: starting from 375 EUR)

2020 Project Management Conferences in Poland 

project management conferences taking place in Poland in 2020

April 20-21, Warsaw — Portfolio Experience is the world-renowned conference in Poland for experts in the field of Project Portfolio Management. Attend this meetup and get access to solutions and cases that can help you make better project decisions and run your business even more successfully.

Pricing: not available yet (last year pricing: starting from 800 PLN + VAT)

April 27-28, Gdansk — New Trends in Project Management is the ninth meetup organized by PMI in Poland to gather professionals from all over the world to discuss recent trends and problems of project management. All necessary information is unavailable yet but looking back to 2019 this event provided its participants with an opportunity to learn from the lessons of successful and failed projects, to track the transformation journey from waterfall to agile, and more.

Pricing: available upon request

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May 20-22, Krakow — The ACE! conference is going to combine two one-track conferences in one with an additional workshop day. With its 20+ speakers, the event will be full of insightful performances highlighting the ways to enhance software development using agile, lean, Kanban, and Scrum. The Product track will cover Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking and Customer Development topics.  

Pricing: starting from 300 EUR

2020 Project Management Conferences in the UK 

project management conferences taking place in England in 2020

February 26, London —  The SMI Annual Conference invites shipbuilding industry experts to participate in the annual meetup, where they will discuss traditions and innovations of shipbuilding. The information about pricing, speakers, and agenda is not available yet, so if you want to join, have an eye out for details and updates on the conference website. 

Pricing: not available yet

March 13, Manchester — The Deliver Conference is organized for experts who are keen on creating high-quality products and who are striving for bringing real value to their customers. The information about speakers and agenda is not available yet but keep track of the updates not to miss an opportunity of attending this meetup.

Pricing: starting from 102.83 GBP

March 16-18, London — Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2020 with its “Dynamic Leadership in a Volatile World” topic will give you a lot of insights that will reveal your leadership potential and help you become a strategic and proactive businessman. You’ll have an opportunity to share your ideas and gain new experience as a result of interacting with 600+ CIO peers during 60+ sessions. Gartner Forum suggests three tracks: CIO strategies, Executive Skills, and Personal & Organizational Leadership.

2020 Forum organized by Gartner

Pricing: starting from 2,625 EUR + VAT

March 17, Edinburgh — APM Power of Projects Conference Edinburgh 2020, organized and held by the Association for Project Management, is a popular meetup for project leaders. This year, the series of conferences starts in Edinburgh with further locations in London and Manchester. If you want to know about PM trends, innovations, and tools, this event is a must for you as a project expert.  

Pricing: starting from 184 GBP

May 21, London — APM Power of Projects Conference London 2020 is another meetup out of a series of conferences organized by the Association for Project Management, where you’ll be able to discuss project management challenges and ways to address them now and in the future using innovative methods and tools. 

Pricing: starting from 329 GBP 

June 2-3, London — PMO Conference London is an event focused on portfolio, program, and project offices, suggests you to discover innovative approaches to your work. Join to get informed about the latest PMO research, next-generation solutions, and exchange insights with your peers. 

Pricing: starting from 350 GBP + VAT

June 24, Manchester — APM Power of Projects Conference Manchester 2020 is the third event in a row hosted by the Association for Project Management. Here similar to two previous conferences, you’ll have an opportunity to exchange your knowledge and experience with your PM peers, discuss opportunities of the development in the field of project management, and more. Don’t miss a chance to attend a series of these conferences in GB.

Pricing: starting from 185 GBP

June 25, London — The RICS Digital Built Environment Conference invites specialists in the field to participate and get acquainted with new technologies to enhance their practice and deliver better service to their clients. The event will also cover a networking session and conference exhibition where you’ll get a chance to choose a suitable tool for your business or just examine innovative solutions.

Pricing: starting from 265 GBP + VAT

July 2, London — The RICS Construction Conference is an essential event for project managers and professionals from the construction field to absorb new ideas concerning performance improvement, analyzing current demands, and addressing the challenges of the industry. The program offers 5.5. hours of CPD and networking. 

Pricing: 245 GBP + VAT

July 9-10, Falmouth — Agile on the Beach 2020 will mark AOTB’s 10th Birthday and is going to be full of insightful events for experts dealing with product design and management, team working, agile practices in business, and more. Don’t miss your tickets!

Pricing: starting from 425 GBP

October 1, London —The Future PMO Conference organized by the Wellington PPM consultancy is focused on highlighting current challenges in project and portfolio management. This year’s speakers list involve Stephen Carver, senior lecturer at Cranfield University School of Management, Bobby Bins, global head of PMO at Dyson, Laura Barnard, founder and CEO at PMO Strategies, and other experts who will shed light on relevant PMO issues.

Pricing: starting from 295 GBP

2020 Project Management Conferences in Singapore

January 09-10, Singapore International Conference on Construction Management, Design, Planning and Scheduling invites academicians, scientists, and researchers to participate in the annual meetup and exchange ideas in the field of Construction Management, Design, Planning and Scheduling. 

Pricing: starting from 250 USD 

2020 Project Management Conferences in Israel

January 26, Airport City, Israel Beyond Agile Israel 2020 offer considering the topic “Shaping Agile to its next level, leveraging failures“ this year. Come to manifest your vision of the Agile transformation and share your methods of overcoming barriers on this journey. Dwell upon other experts’ ideas and vision and shape your own strategy of going agile. 

Pricing: 580 NIS + VAT (167 USD)

2020 Project Management Conferences in Sweden

project management conferences taking place in Sweden in 2020

March 9-10, Malmö, Sweden Passion for Projects with this year’s topic “Orchestrate projects in a transforming world” suggests to dive into project, portfolio, and program management. It’s one of the greatest events for PM in Scandinavia organized by PMI Sweden. Aren’t you passionate about managing projects? If you’re there at the beginning of March, don’t miss this chance. 

Pricing: available upon registration

June 14-17, Uppsala, Sweden IRNOP2020 suggests sharing ideas on the topic “Temporary projects in transitional times: Moving beyond dichotomous views on projects” during their 15th conference for project leaders and everyone involved in the field.

Pricing: not available yet 

2020 Project Management Conferences in Slovenia

project management conferences taking place in Slovenia in 2020

March 17-18, Ljubljana, Slovenia Conference Together in Excellence 2020 organizers suggest considering the most crucial issues of the project and IT service management and dwelling upon the ways to overcome arising challenges in this field. The second conference day is dedicated to practical workshops where the participants will have an opportunity to take part in discussion sessions.

Pricing: starting from 84 EUR

2020 Project Management Conferences in Finland

project management conferences taking place in Finland in 2020

April 1-2, Helsinki, Finland ScanAgile 2020 invites you to take part in an annual Scandinavian conference organized for those who want to become more agile in their work and who is open to new learning opportunities. As part of the program, you’ll also be able to register for a workshop day on March 31.

Pricing: starting from 480 EUR

2020 Project Management Conferences in Ireland

project management conferences taking place in Ireland in 2020

April 20-21, Dublin, Ireland Agile-Lean Ireland is going to gather product and project managers, scrum masters, agile and lean coaches, developers, QA experts to exchange insights on the 2020 topic — “Go for It”. Two key speakers have been announced already! They’re Lyssa Adkins (agile coach, author, and facilitator) & Dave Snowden (founder of Cognitive Edge). 

Pricing: starting from 310 EUR

June 10-12, Dublin, Ireland The 20th EURAM Conference invites you to join their 20th meetup with the featured topic “The Business of Now: the future starts here“. You’ll meet your peers and listen to leading experts’ speeches about digital transformation in business and modern challenges that any business is facing these days. You’re welcome to submit your research paper and present it to the conference participants.

Pricing: starting from 99 EUR 

2020 Project Management Conferences in the Czech Republic

project management conferences taking place in Chech Republic in 2020

June 14-16, Prague, Czech Republic EMEA Congress 2020 is a meetup organized by real PM professionals to let you deepen in the sphere of project management to boost your knowledge and skills in the field. The even suggests a wide variety of formats: from classic sessions and offsite learning sessions to interactive workshops and open discussions.

Pricing: starting from 550 EUR + VAT

June 17-19, Prague, Czech Republic Course at SeminarsWorld® is a post-congress event (after EMEA Congress 2020) for those who want to make their knowledge more profound and practice their skills.

Pricing: starting from 1,225 EUR + VAT

September 16–17, Prague, Czech Republic12th Annual Project Management Conference „Connecting the dots“  will bring together specialist from many fields such as IT, delivery, HR, business and many others. So not only project managers are more than welcomed. Project Management Conference was attended nearly by 360 people last year and we are expecting even more participants this year. Among the topics that will be discussed for example are a vision sharing within a company, the complex projects managed in record time and much more. So do not miss this unique opportunity to meet inspiring people and gain new knowledge and skills.

Pricing: starting from 282 EUR 

2020 Project Management Conferences in the US 

project management conferences taking place in America in 2020

February 11-13, Anaheim, CA — Medical Design & Manufacturing West is a global event covering 12 tracks and workshops touching upon dozens of significant topics to highlight modern strategies, trends, and innovations on the way to creating and improving products in the medical field. Apart from 12 workshops, this year you’ll be provided with a unique opportunity to ask keynote speakers questions and discuss the things that are important for you specifically.

Pricing: information is available upon registration

February 24-26, Atlanta — Technical Project Management is a conference organized by American Management Association for project leaders and those involved in project management. You will find out everything about PM framework and terminology and learn how to lead project teams.

Pricing: available upon registration 

March 24–25, Chicago, IL The American Manufacturing Summit is going to cover the following categories with the relevant topics: Manufacturing Profitability and Innovation, Talent and Capability, Plant Floor Optimization. Experts from Nestle, Caterpillar, LEGO and other world-renowned companies are invited to present their speeches and highlight important issues of manufacturing and leadership.

Pricing: information is available upon request

March 25–26, Detroit, MI — Manufacturing in America presented by Siemens and Electro-Matic Suggests you take part in the grand manufacturing event that gathers 3500+ experts ready to share their knowledge and experience in the industry during 100+ seminars.

Pricing: information is available upon registration

April 6-8, Orlando, FL — Project Summit Business Analyst World offers project leaders and all experts engaged in business to take part in 30+ educational sessions including interactive lectures and workshops with 20+ speakers who are leading experts in business being ready to share their experience in managing resources, products, and companies. During this meetup, Vince Mirabelly from Global Project Synergy Group, Lori Silverman from Partners for Progress, Jimmy Godard from Bank of America and many other speakers will highlight the issues of leadership, overcoming difficulties and barriers in business, data-driven challenges, and more.

Pricing: starting from 635.74 USD

April 27- May 1, Chicago, IL — GOTO Chicago is a software development conference that apart from a set of performances includes a series of workshops that will take place on the 30th of April and the 1st of May. You will find answers to your questions about security, microservices, programming languages, machine learning, and many other insights. Keep track of the news as soon as the information about speakers and topics will appear on the website.

Pricing: not available yet (last year’s pricing: starting from 595 USD)

May 3-6, Anaheim, CA — The Change Management conference organizers have prepared 6 tracks that cover relevant management issues on the journey to global changes: Change Management’s Role in the Future of Work, Change Leadership and Critical Change Competencies, Empowering Change Management Success, Harnessing Collaborative Disciplines, Leveraging Technology in Organizational Change, Research, Emerging Trends, and Innovation. Stay up to date because a lot of conference-related information is unavailable yet, but it will appear as soon as possible on the conference website.

Pricing: starting from 1,655 USD  

May 4-6, Washington, DC — Project Summit Business Analyst World is another conference from the series of global meetups for project managers. Take part if you want to be up-to-date and become a PM guru. For more information, register and subscribe to the newsletter. 

Pricing: starting from 600.42 USD

May 7-8, College Park, MD — The UMD Project Management Symposium gathers people who are keen to project management for exchanging insights, networking, and gaining experience in management. 5 key speakers are already presented. They are Stephen Shields (Senior Consultant, Gallup), Barbara Wagner (Senior Vice President, Clark Construction), Josh Ramirez (Founder & President, Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management) and Jodi Wilson (Founder & CEO, Business Psychology Solutions, LLC), Mark Brown (Chief Operating Officer,  Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education), and Ed Hoffman (CEO, PMI Strategic Advisor, Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA. CEO, Knowledge Strategies, LLC). More details will appear on the website as soon as possible.

Pricing: not available yet (last year’s pricing: starting from 275 USD).

May 11-13, New York — Global Scrum Gathering is an event organized especially for agile-minded experts striving to learn more about best practices of Scrum and Agile methodology. Get a chance to be even more agile by participating!

Pricing: starting from 1,250 USD

May 18-20, San Francisco — Technical Project Management is another event held by the American Management Association for you to get insights into IT and technology in terms of project management. Register at the official website and find out the details.

Pricing: available upon registration 

May 19-21, Detroit, MI — Agile & Beyond 2020 organizers invite everyone using Agile methodology in their work to deep into the field. The conference details are unavailable yet (except for sponsorship prospectus), so keep an eye on their official website to be first to register and become among participants.

Pricing: not available yet.  

June 1-3, St. Louis, MOThe Resource Planning Summit suggests sharing ideas and getting insight into resource management and teamwork challenges. This event will be interesting and helpful for those dealing with project, resource, risk, program, portfolio management, product development, and capacity planning. Last year, the organizers invited celebrity keynote speakers — filmmaker and screenwriter David Hayter together with songwriter and humorist Patrick Henry who gave the participants several team building lessons. Stay tuned to catch the news about this year’s speakers and topics.

Pricing: starting from 995 USD

July 20-24, Orlando — Agile Conference is an annual North American meetup for professionals guided by the Agile principles in their work and those who want to become even better in Agile. Become an Agile 2020 subscriber not to miss a thing in the details of the upcoming conference. 

Pricing: not available yet (last year’s pricing: starting from 1,749 USD).

October 17-19, Seattle, Washington — The PMI Global Conference is a three-day event organized by the Project Management Institute. Besides, you can participate in pre-conference (13-16 October) and past-conference (20-21 October) sessions. Further details will be available on the website soon. According to last year’s experience, this event brings together thousands of experts in the field from around the globe, so you won’t be disappointed. 

Pricing: available upon registration

November 8-11, Orlando, Florida — PMO Symposium is a PMI-organized annual event for project management experts and those somehow engaged in the field. The program and speakers haven’t been announced yet, so be attentive and don’t miss details as soon as they appear. Based on previous year participants’ impressions, the conference is worth attending.

Pricing: not available yet.

Dates unavailable yet, Boston, MA — Project Management in Practice is a conference held at Boston University providing everyone interested in PM, from students to business leaders to discuss urgent and relevant topics in the field and gain PDUs for participating.

Pricing: not available yet (last year’s pricing: starting from 80 USD).

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Lifelong education is a must for any expert, so don’t miss any opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience that can be essential on your business journey. Be open to new ideas and insights, and new possibilities will open up to you.