Project Management Disasters in Enterprises

July 26, 2023

Do you know what common mistakes of business leaders and project managers most often result in their business efforts’ failure? And how can one avoid these missteps and bring project management at a company to the next level?
Watch the recording of the webinar to find answers to these and other questions and learn how to improve your business outcomes with efficient project management.

After watching the webinar, you’ll get to know:
– weaknesses of the most popular project management frameworks;
– why companies fail to deliver the desired business outcomes despite their herculean efforts;
– about the role of resource management in the successful delivery of multiple projects;
– how modern project management tools differ from one another and how to choose one for your organization;
– what project and resource management features are sought-after and why;
– useful tips on multi-project resource management.

Webinar speakers

The webinar is help by Jan Willem Tromp – a Dutch AI researcher with 25 years of experience in project and resource management, MPM and business consultant, and a co-founder of Epicflow – the world’s first AI-driven multi-project resource management software solution.
Jan Willem started his career in production and supply chain environments as an internal and external consultant and then changed his focus to project management. Being certified as a TOC (Theory of Constraints) expert, he’s a partner of the Goldratt Implementation Group, Europe (GIG). As a consultant, Jan Willem also implemented TOC’s Critical Chain application in various project organizations.

Our special guest is Jan Hindrik Knot – an independent project & program manager and IT Governance consultant with over 25 years of professional experience.
Jan Hindrik started his career as an expert in information systems development and then shifted his focus to IT landscape management. He also worked as a business project/program manager doing launches for financial consumer products and was in charge of professionalizing project management, which was later extended to implementing project portfolio management practices within companies.
Since 2010, Jan Hindrik Knot has been working as an independent contractor collaborating with companies like the Dutch National Bank, IKEA, Liberty Global, Ericsson, AKZO Nobel, Action, and TEVA Pharmaceuticals. Today he’s working as a consultant at Kadaster, helping them to set up a SIAM Ecosystem where the delivery of IT Services will be outsourced to several suppliers.

Webinar speakers

Jan Willem Tromp

Co-founder of Epicflow

Jan Hindrik Knot

Special guest
project create

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