Following our tradition, we’re excited to sum up and share everything that happened to the Epicflow team in 2023: our clients’ and team’s achievements, new features, and plans for 2024. Read further to learn about our AI developments, what topics we discussed at our webinars, the names of our prominent guests, and why it’s better to start later to deliver earlier!

News About the Team

The team of our experts keeps growing year by year: in 2023, we were happy to welcome Ben Rawson onboard as an Epicflow implementation partner in the UK and Ireland. Ben is a seasoned project management and digital transformation professional with 15+ years of experience in the Defence industry. He is ready to share his knowledge and expertise and help companies achieve greater results in their projects with Epicflow. 

Speaking of the team and the expert content on project and resource management we provide in our blog and social media, we cannot help but mention that Epicflow co-author Jan Willem Tromp regularly shares valuable insights and tips on various topics in the field of project, resource, and portfolio management in his LinkedIn profile. Don’t hesitate to subscribe and enrich your knowledge that will help you improve your project and resource management skills.

Epicflow Awards and Our Clients’ Achievements 

Best ERP Solution

Epicflow has received another award from Crozdesk – the product review platform experts have recognized Epicflow as one of the best ERP Software Solutions in 2023. We appreciate our clients’ support and will do our best to go on proving that Epicflow is the best AI-powered multi-project resource management software solution available today that empowers companies to deliver magnificent outcomes. 

Success Story from Our Defence Client

This year, we witnessed the first positive outcomes of one of our recent clients – a Defence company based in the UK. With Epicflow, one of their departments managed to increase its revenue by 10% by reorganizing resources’ work, without any investments. Would you like to know how? Read the full success story on our website.

Epicflow’s goal is to unleash the potential and power of your resources and improve business performance while protecting your people from overload. Would you like to learn how Epicflow does this? Book a call with our expert to get answers to your questions and gain valuable insights on multi-project resource management for free!  

Enhanced Collaboration and Client Base Growth 

In 2023, Epicflow got three more new clients. Although we cannot reveal their names yet, we’re happy that they entrusted their business’ digital transformation to our team. We’re looking forward to seeing their first results and sharing them with our readers. Stay tuned!

And now let’s dwell on the features that help our clients reach their business goals and make Epicflow stay ahead of the competition in the market of project and resource management software solutions. 

Product Updates 

Before going deeper into the product’s new features, we’re excited to present our updated feature pages to those who haven’t seen them yet. On the newly designed features page, you can find the list of categories and the features belonging to each of them: 

  • Enterprise and portfolio management
  • Multi-project planning and control
  • Resource management
  • Progress and performance tracking
  • Task management
  • Budget management
  • AI-driven functionality  

Given that some of the features of Epicflow are cross-functional, you can find the same features in different categories. 

Even Better Project Data Security


We’ve developed a unique data security tool that safeguards your company’s information. Thanks to DataGuard, you can keep your data on premises while leveraging our cloud service. This means that for any operation in Epicflow, your business data remains secure on your servers. Epicflow carries out complex data analysis without downloading your project information and with real-time access to the data parts required for it. 

Fine-Tune the Access to Project Data and Actions in the System with Attribute-Based Permissions 

Another useful instrument that ensures the safety of your data inside the system is granting and managing permissions. A user can define an attribute and set up permissions for another resource to access the data if they have the same attributes (for example, location). 

Portfolio Management 

  • Predict the due dates with Pipeline Leveling

With Pipeline Leveling, you can forecast the due dates of every project in a portfolio based on automatically calculated priorities, network constraints, and available capacity. 

  • Let Epicflow postpone the start of some projects to deliver them on time

Enable Project Staggering if data analysis shows that a resource bottleneck is likely to occur. Epicflow will postpone some of the projects to deliver the chosen ones on time (e.g., based on a business value). 

  • Explore the state of your projects from different perspectives with the Project Performance Tab

In the Project Performance Tab, you can analyze the progress of all your active projects from different angles: e.g., check the number of projects in execution vs. the total number of projects in the Pipeline; the number of work hours in execution, including the number of red, yellow, green, and blue hours; examine the expected due date performance in % and days; see the number of projects that are likely to be delivered on time vs. the total number of projects in the Pipeline and their categorization according to their statuses (colors), etc.


Epica is our AI-powered assistant that interacts with Epicflow users in the following ways:

  • Role-based notifications and prompts;
  • Answering questions;
  • Suggesting topics in the chatbox and providing answers to the selected ones.

Our virtual assistant warns you about any threats that are likely to appear in your project environment, providing valuable prompts and tips that will help you improve the situation and avoid negative consequences. 

Epica also sends notifications to project team members if they’re doing something wrong: haven’t updated their working hours, have several parallel tasks in projects, or ignore the priority list. 

It can answer any project- and resource-related questions and even calculate the best days for a vacation for any team member. 

And that’s not the full list: Epica also assists in smart resource allocation. Visit the Epica feature page to learn about all the capabilities of our virtual assistant.

Read the article about all our latest features in detail and learn more about how Epicflow can let companies deliver better output with intelligent resource management.

Epicflow Events 


This year, we held four breath-taking webinars with seasoned experts in different fields of project and resource management: 

You can watch the recordings by following the links, and what’s more – you can leave any question about project and resource management for Epicflow’s co-founders Jan Willem Tromp and Albert Ponsteen, share your insights, or suggest a topic for the next webinar on this page


Epicflow was a participant in the “NEDS 2023: Sustainable Security” exhibition in Rotterdam on the 30th of November. During this event, our expert team was happy to meet international defense and aerospace professionals and present our product to them, explaining how exactly Epicflow can assist in project and resource management and demonstrating ways to improve the productivity of their staff.

Epicflow Roadmap for 2024

Here’s a short list of what we plan to introduce and deliver in 2024: 

  • Further investigations of artificial intelligence in project and resource management;
  • Development of advanced features for multi-project resource management;
  • Even more events with new project management and digital transformation experts.

Thank you for being with us in 2023 and we hope to help you reach new heights next year! Stay tuned!